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More Layla Portraits

I just love these photos of my little girl!  I am already planning some more portraits for tomorrow–one of the joys of being the photographer!  I can take a few today, a few tomorrow! 🙂







Layla’s first Portraits

Just wanted to post a quick photo taken today during Layla’s first photo session with mommy!  We are all so in love with this little girl.  She gets tons of kisses and hugs from her big sisters.  She’s a sweetie pie!

Here she is in her Daddy’s arms.  I love this little smile.  She looks so peaceful and content in her Daddy’s arms!  I am going to treasure this photo forever.  One day when she’s all grown up we’ll say, “Can you believe she was ever that small?!”



Welcome Layla Joy!

On Monday, October 26 at 10:06 a.m. we welcomed Layla Joy into the world!  I had a much better experience with my c-section this time.  My doctor and my anesthesiologist were awesome.  And like I had mentioned, my friend Susie was my anesthetist (and photographer!).  Things went very well.  I had one episode during surgery when my blood pressure dropped really low and I felt really “out of it” but they gave me meds that quickly brought it back up and it was smooth sailing after that.

I’ll tell more about my birth story later but for now I’ll just share a photo.  Here is our new little princess!






Layla’s coming!

It’s 6:25 a.m. and in about an hour I’ll be checking into the hospital to have Layla!  Please say a prayer for us.  Aaron and I (and my mom!) are all very nervous.  I had a talk with God last night and decided that I am done crying and getting all worked up about this.  It is out of my hands and I have to trust that He will watch over me and Layla today!

So I couldn’t resist….here is a little Clapton for your Monday morning!

“Like a fool, I fell in love with you.  Turned my whole world upside down.”

Can’t wait to meet you little Layla!  You will certainly turn our world upside down just like your sisters!

The Final Countdown

In about 16 hours I will be in the hospital, most likely in the delivery room, having my third c-section.  We are so excited to welcome baby Layla to the world!  We recently discovered that her name means “dark beauty”.  I am picturing a sweet little chubby faced girl who has a head full of brown hair just like her sister Annagrace!  Annagrace had bows in her hair at 2 days old!  It won’t be too much longer until we find out!

We are taking the girls out this evening to get dessert somewhere.  We never get dessert when we go out so we figured we will go out especially for that!  I have the most adorable big sister shirts to give them and their dad and I have a little card for each of them.   We have a few other surprises to give them over the next few days (Annagrace is getting some books she has really been wanting and they are getting a new Halloween Goosebumps movie to watch tomorrow night).

Anyway. . . since this is my last day EVER as a pregnant woman I wanted to get a few pictures to remember it.  I was surprised when afterwards Aaron said he felt a little sad that this was going to be our last pregnancy (not that we are changing our minds about the tubal ligation!).  It has been very surreal and I am amazed at how quickly it seems to have gone by.

Here is one quick one of our Family of Four.  Hard to believe that tomorrow this time we will be a Party of 5! : )  Now I’m off to finish up some cleaning and packing and straightening around the house!


Lapbooks! Lapbooks! Oh I love me some Lapbooks!

Before last Tuesday I had heard of lapbooks but never actually seen them or been interested in learning about what they are.  One of the mommies from our homeschool playgroup mentioned on Facebook that she had made one with her little boy so I asked her to bring it on Tuesday so I could see one.  It was so cute!  I knew Madalyn would love it and when I got home I started researching online about lapbooking.

There are so many resources online for lapbooking.  Basically a lapbook is a folder, or a notebook, or simply some construction paper folded into a book in which you place all sorts of things about a particular subject.  Kind of like a scrapbook.  Within the folder you might have a mini-book, an accordion book, a pocket to hold a little game, printed poems, etc.  The only limit is your creativity.  They can be very sophisticated–like this one I found on youtube:

Or very simple. One really good resource is Homeschool Share.  There are tons of free stuff for lapbooking.  Things to print out, ideas for laying out your lapbook.  It’s pretty awesome.  Another site I found is Lapbook Lessons.  You have to sign up for this one but it was just a matter of signing up and waiting for an e-mail with my passwork.  They have some pretty cute ones including one I just found for a “Big Sister”.  I may just have to try and put that one together for Madalyn tomorrow.  It is adorable!

So here is our first lapbook.  After I printed and cut everything out it took less than half an hour to put it all together.  Madalyn helped with the gluing and putting the wheel together.  She loves looking at her book and showing it to others!

Here is the outside.  We haven’t done anything creative on it yet.  I just let Madalyn write on it!


And this is it opened up.  To the top left is just a picture of the front of the book.  Underneath that is a flip up book of different nursery rhymes about mice.  In the middle is the story wheel.  Madalyn is almost able to tell the whole story by herself using this wheel.  Underneath that is a flip book with different things that start with M (and the letters were traceable so she could practice writing).  To the top right are a few vocabulary words and underneath that is a pocket for her cookie match game (the pieces are on the table) . In just a few days she is already recognizing her numbers (I am sad to say she couldn’t recognize any of them before we did this project!).


All the pieces to this I found online except the vocab words and that took me about 5 minutes to put together myself.  We already are planning several more of these.  In fact I need to get to Office Depot and pick up some colorful file folders today!

If you haven’t tried lapbooking you SHOULD!

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