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Pretty Boring

I’ve been pretty neglectful of my blog lately.  Actually I’ve been pretty neglectful of the internet/computer all together lately.  Our days are so busy with homeschooling, playgroup, doctors appointments (both for me and for my mom!), and then me working on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  By the time 8pm gets here I am about spent and ready to go to bed!  Last night I was out by 9 and didn’t wake up this morning until almost 9!  I am trying to enjoy these long stretches of sleep because I know it won’t be long and that will be a thing of the past at least for awhile!

I can’t believe that Layla will be here in 3 weeks!  This pregnancy has passed by so quickly.  I feel so incredibly pregnant at this point but yet it’s hard for me to believe that we are going to have another infant in our house!  I can’t wait to see who she will look like.  I am picturing a baby with lots of dark hair (like her sister Annagrace) but who looks like her sister Madalyn!  Of course she probably won’t look like either one of them!

We are almost ready as far as baby stuff goes.  We have TONS of clothes and shoes and blankets.  We have all the “big” baby gear–car seat, crib, cradle, pack n’ play, swing, etc.  The only things that I am really lacking are a breast pump, a couple of sheets for the cradle and cloth diapers.  (I am going to use disposables for the first several weeks until I am recovered from my c-section.  I don’t think I’m going to feel up to washing cloth diapers at first so we’ll use disposables for awhile!).  I need to get myself some new pajamas for the hospital and I don’t have any nursing clothes at all so those are things I’ll need to get in the next couple of weeks.  I’d also like a cover for our carseat.  Otherwise we are all ready!

Next weekend Aaron and I are going away for a couple days.  I surprised him with tickets to see Stone Temple Pilots in Portsmouth, VA.  We both loved them back in the 90s and were excited to hear that they were touring this Fall!  We’ll be leaving around lunchtime on Friday and will come back on Saturday.  We are staying at a hotel on the waterfront in Portsmouth.  We’re excited!  Not only about the concert but just about getting away for a night.  We were planning to getaway for a night before the baby anyway so this will be a good chance to do that!

Hopefully my blogging will become more regular again soon.  Of course, then Layla will be here and it may become sporadic again!

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