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My BIG secret!

I have a confession.  I’ve been keeping a big secret from all of  you–my blog readers.  It’s been a hard one to keep.  If you wonder why I’ve been soooooo incredibly stressed about moving and why I haven’t been blogging much lately . . . well . . . maybe this will explain a LOT:



Yep. We have a BUN IN THE OVEN!  We are expecting baby #3!  It was a shocking surprise to say the least but as we are learning, God’s timing is perfect and this baby is going to be a blessing to us!  We are super excited! 

Phew!  That’s a load off.  Now I can openly complain about the exhaustion, the 24/7 nausea, the aversions, the cravings, and the vomiting!  Lucky for all of you!  It has been a lot different this go around and I think the fact that #1–I’m older and #2–we are in the midst of moving has really made a difference.  I have ZERO energy!  My “morning” sickness lasts all day long (although it is definitely worse in the morning).  It’s been miserable! 

BUT we are very excited!  Madalyn went with us today and got to see the ultrasound.  She was very excited!  She thinks it’s a girl and Annagrace thinks it’s a boy.  I’m guessing boy.  I guess we will find out in June!  

OK–I’m off to clean.  Although our house is under contract we still have to keep showing it and we have a showing tonight at 6pm!  I hope they don’t mind boxes because we have already started packing!

Another update

Just another quick update!  I’m hoping once we move and get settled in I can get back to my couponing/CVSing/saving money, etc!  For now, our lives are focused on getting moved!

We put an offer in on a house in NC!  It is perfect for us and we are hoping they take our offer.  We went and looked at it again yesterday and took my mom and the girls.  Madalyn kept running around the house saying, “I love my new room”!  She has never had a room of her own so we are really looking forward to that! 

It’s a saltbox style house–which I have always loved.  It has 4 bedrooms and 3 baths and most importantly it has a bedroom and a full bathroom downstairs (that was a “must” for us because of my mom visiting–she can’t climb stairs very easily!).  It has a formal dining room and the kitchen has a wonderful breakfast nook .  There is a huge window in the nook that overlooks the backyard–it’s awesome because I can sit there and watch the girls playing!  The yard is a great size and there is a really cute storage building out back that looks like the house.  It could be used for a clubhouse if we didn’t already have one for the girls so it will be used for storage.  There is a lot of storage space in this house and it’s larger than our home now so it will be nice to be able to spread out a little bit!  Also it’s in a great private neighborhood with LOTS of trees!  The whole backyard is shaded which we just love!  I’m gonna have to get creative about that garden I want to plant!  There is one little patch of the yard that looks like it gets some sun. 

Anyway–we are really hoping that we get this house!  I have to find a job in the next 2 weeks so that we can get a loan!  I am going to e-mail or call the nurse recruiter at the hospital tomorrow and let him know that I will be in NC next week for 2 days if I could go in for an interview or two on one of those days. 

So that’s the latest.  We still have some other things going on that I will talk about on my blog later this week.  Let’s just say that it’s been a crazy whirlwind around here lately and I can’t wait to share all the things that God has been doing in our lives!  He’s amazing!

Just a Quick Update

It’s been a crazy week.  Here are a few highlights of the last few days:

Monday–received offer on house; buyers offered $8000 less than asking and asked for us to pay $5000 of their closing costs

Tuesday–we counteroffered, agreeing to give them the $5000 and we took $2000 off the asking price

Wednesday–while at the New Kids on the Block concert (woohoo!!!!) Aaron called to tell me that they had accepted the counteroffer and would be signing the contract on Thursday morning 

Thursday–they signed the contract and let us know that they wanted to close in 25 days (yikes!) but they are willing to let us rent back from them for up to a month after that 

Friday–we left for North Carolina so that we could spend the day Saturday looking at homes again 

So there ya have it!  It’s been crazy!  Also in the midst of that I sent my resume to the hospital in Greenville and within 5 minutes received a phone call from the nurse recruiter.  He said he would call or e-mail and let me know asap when he heard back from the managers of the floors that I sent my resumes to!  If I don’t hear from him by Monday afternoon I plan to e-mail or call him.  I have to have a job in place before the bank will give us a loan for another house–so the pressure is now on!  

So we are at Mom and Dad’s in NC now–going to meet with our realtor at 12:30.  We are returning to a home that we really liked last Saturday for a second look and whatever else she comes up with.  So we’ll see what happens!  

Next week will be equally as crazy as I have to start gathering all our medical and dental records from our various doctor’s offices and I need to talk with my human resources department about health insurance coverage after I quit my job (we will probably have go go with Cobra for a few months until Aaron’s insurance starts with his new job).

Thanks for checking in and thanks for all the prayers!  God is good…..all the time!

Why Worry?

If you have been following my blog you know the whole saga about us moving to NC.  It’s been quite a test of our faith, our patience and our trust in God.  He really has a sense of humor and He never, ever, ever ceases to amaze me. 

About a week ago I was driving around, praying/complaining to God about moving.  All the thoughts that I talked about in my last post were floating through my head.  All of a sudden in the back of my mind I heard, “What are you worried about?”.  It was weird.  I “heard” it just as plain as day.  “What are you worried about?”. 

I know God was somehow speaking to me and telling me that everything was okay.  That it was all in His hands.  That no matter what the outcome of the next few weeks, or months, even years, that it was ALL going to be okay because He is in control.

So right then and there I told God that I was going to give it all up to Him.  A little doubt came in my mind and I thought, “Can I really do that?  Am I going to be able to do that?”.  It was tough.  And I struggled with it–and still am struggling with it.  I don’t think of myself as a control freak but I am fiercely independent and do like for things to go according to my plan.  So it is hard for me to let someone–even the Almighty–be in control.  

But here is the crazy, insane, awesome thing.  God is taking care of it.  Here are the events of the last several days:

Friday:  Aaron had a job interview and we met with a mortgage broker in Greenville.
Saturday:  We looked at houses with our realtor.  Found one that we just adore–perfect size, great neighborhood, close to our price range. 
Sunday:  We traveled back to VA and when we walked into our house we saw a realtor’s card on the kitchen table.  Hmmm—-our realtor hadn’t called to tell us about a showing?  Well, we were still happy about it!
Monday:  Aaron gets a call back and is offered the Hospice Chaplain position that he interviewed for on Friday.  That afternoon, we get a call from our realtor and we have an offer on our house!

When God move, HE MOVES.  I told Aaron on Monday morning that he needed to accept the job.  I told him that too many things had happened in a crazy chain of events for this job offer to be a coincidence and that I felt certain that God wanted him to take it.  I told him that God would work out all the details if it was really meant to be.  How crazy that we get an offer just hours after having that conversation! 

God is good …..all the time.  He laughs at me and my worries and my insecurities.  He always knows what is best.  He loves me and cares for me even when I think that I am unloveable.  He wants good things to come to me because I am His child. 

Thank you God for your love.  You ROCK!

So this weekend, assuming that we get the house under contract (we have a little counteroffering to get through) we will travel back to NC and seriously look for a house.  Maybe it’s the one we loved last weekend.  Maybe God has something better in store for us.  We shall see.  If things go according to plan–we may be in NC as early as May 1! 

I do know that the coming weeks are going to be amazing.  I have even more amazing things to share soon!!!  Stay tuned…!


So here is some good news about our trip to NC.  

1)  Aaron had a fantastic interview.  The boss loved him.  The staff loved him.  He is pretty confident that he is going to get a job offer.  It seems like a great team to work with.  

2)  We found an awesome Chinese restaurant that we both loved.  And you know how important it is to have the right Chinese restaurant to go to!  It’s called Dragonfly–if you live in Greenville it is over by Best Buy.   Anyway–the food was fantastic!  Not greasy (like normal Chinese food!), not overcooked.  It was good fresh food!  We both highly recommend it! 

3)  We met our realtor–love her!  She was great.  Really listened to us and got an idea of what we want/need.  We actually found the perfect house.  It was the very first one that we looked at and we both love it.  The size, the neighborhood, the layout, the price.  Everything about that home seems perfect.  

4)  We met with a mortgage broker.  Again–loved her!  She said we would have no problem obtaining a loan for the amount that we are hoping to get.  Phew!  That was a load off.  She talked to us about some options for different loans and was very encouraging about everything! 

So here is the still not-so-good news. 

1)  We still haven’t sold our house.  Had another showing last week.  Continue to get great feedback.  People love our house.  But still no offers.  I think it’s a combination of people holding out to see what happens with the stiumulus package and the fact that it’s a buyers market and they can hold out for awhile and see what happens before they just jump in and buy something.  The bad news is that we, of course, can not buy another home before we sell the old one.  If only money grew on trees, right?! 

We have discussed other options if Aaron gets offered this job and needs to start right away.  Some of those options are that he works only part of the week–he would stay with my parents while he is in NC and then comes back home to VA on the weekend.  Of course this would be difficult for me because I would have both girls everyday to tend to alone plus still working full time.  I’d also have to find a babysitter for Madalyn.   

Another option is that we all move down and stay with my parents.  Hmmm….not sure if my Dad could put up with us indefinitely!  That will be a last resort.  I love my parents but I don’t want to burden them with all of us!  

Another option is renting out our house and then finding a rental place in Greenville to live in until it sells.  Not something that we want to do either–in fact THIS may be our last option.  I’d hate to bring renters into our home not knowing what they would do to it (would they clean before a showing?  would they do the up keep on it?) and then what would happen if they signed a lease for 6 months and the house sold in 2?  Would we have to keep them in there and hold up the sale of the house for 4 months?  So many questions to ask if this becomes our only option. 

Sorry for thinking out loud!  I have so much on my mind right now it’s insane.  Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us.  Right now I am praying for my faith and trust to increase and for all my fears and doubts to go away!  If this job and this house are meant to be then God will work everything out in His perfect timing.

The Latest

Lots of random thoughts tonight. I haven’t been updating much lately–been really busy. I have had lots of things on my mind this week. Some things I’ll share now–some I’ll save for another time. Here are some random things going on right now.

1) The weather today was GOR-GEOUS! We all took advantage of it and spent the whole afternoon outside. I was in charge of the leaf mulcher/blower. I got the back yard looking much better. Aaron cleaned up the front sidewalk and pulled some weeds and lit up our little fire pit to burn some twigs and sticks! Madalyn had a blast outside! Since the whole fiasco with the swingset she hasn’t been able to play in her sandbox so I took a plastic tub and filled it with sand for her and she played and played for over an hour with that sand!

2) This morning we went to town to buy Aaron some new clothes for his job interview next week. We found him some pants at Kohl’s (and the girls both got new sandals). Then we were off to JC Penney’s to look for some shirts (Aaron needs a “tall” size shirt and Kohl’s had none). We hit the jackpot at Penney’s. We found him 4 shirts–3 button ups and 1 polo–for $23!!! They were marked down 75%. Then it was off to Kmart to get him a belt. He hates shopping for himself but he didn’t complain too much!

3) About that job interview–please pray for him! It is for a hospice chaplain position. Something that I think he would be awesome at. He’s a little nervous about the interview but I think he’ll do great. Even if he doesn’t get the job he’ll get some practice with interviewing! If this it THE job then we’ll have to decide what to do about moving. Depending on when he would start, we may have to look into other options with our house. Maybe renting it out, or having Aaron move down before me and the girls (which would suck!), or maybe all of us moving down before we sell the house (can you say stressful?!). So we don’t know what will happen but I am trying really hard to be content with God’s timing!

4) And speaking of selling the house–we had our Open House last weekend. I think the weather really hindered it (it was snowing that morning) and we only had 1 couple stop by. We decided to drop the price by $8000. Lots of thought and prayer went in to this decision and while I can’t go into all the reasons we decided to do this I’ll just say that this is what we felt we needed to do at this point in time. We were not priced high (in fact we were actually a little lower than what we are valued at) but we think that dropping the price may bring in some more showings and hopefully the ones who have already seen it may reconsider. We’ve gotten fabulous feed back–but no offers yet.

5) I am super excited that I have found some new friends in Greenville at Greenville Mommies Network.  There is an awesome forum where I have been able to meet new people, find other nurses that work at the hospital there, and ask questions about doctors and shopping and all kinds of things!  They host meet and greets and have mom’s nights out, playgroups and all kinds of fun events!  I am looking forward to meeting these ladies in person soon!  It’s nice to already have some potential friends lined up for the kids for when we move! 

6)  We are going to travel to Greenville next week and will be looking at some houses while we are there.  We are praying really hard that we get an offer on our house very soon.  We were hoping to have an offer by the time we leave so we’d at least have a rough idea of when we’d be moving (so Aaron knows what to tell the place he’s interviewing at and so we know how serious we need to be with our house hunting).  And I suppose there is still time–maybe we’ll get an offer next week.  Who knows?  I am anxious to travel to NC again!  Greenville is starting to feel like home already!

7)  I had my yearly review at work yesterday.  I don’t think I’ll ever have as wonderful a supervisor as I have now.  She is very unique.  She has a great sense of humor but when things are not done right she isn’t afraid to put someone in their place.  She is very matter-of-fact but very caring.  Annagrace has a special relationship with her.  She just loves her!  Whenever I go to the office and I ask if she wants to go, she says, “Well is Miss Janice going to be there?”  She used to love going to see her because she has toys in her office but now she likes to go so she can talk her ear off!  I think they’re going to miss each other once we move! 

And that’s the story morningglory.  Same old same old around here!  Learning everyday to depend on God.  Trying to put everything in His hands.  Trying not to get upset when things don’t happen according to my timeline!  Why is it so difficult to put my trust in the One who holds the entire world in His hands?  Certainly He knows what is best for us better than we do!

Baby Carriers

I know a LOT of pregnant people right now!  I think the stork is going to be making a lot of trips to Virginia (and North Carolina) this year!  I received an e-mail from La Stella Blu about their baby carriers.  I was never a baby carrier with my kids.  I had a carrier with Madalyn that I used maybe 5 times.  Then last summer I got a ‘toddler’ carrier for her.  She was going through a clingy phase and I found a sling carrier at a resale shop and decided to try it out with her.  She liked it–but my back didn’t!  I only used it a couple of times with her.  I wish I had ‘carried’ my two babies more.  

Anyway–La Stella Blu is run by Katie, a work at home mom.  She offers the most adorable baby carriers including Mei Tais, ERGO, and Moby as well as nursing covers and clothes, and some VERY cute baby leg warmers!   You must check out her website!  These would be wonderful, practical and unique gifts for the mom-to-be! 

So I’m putting up a link to her site–because I am in love with everything on it.  If you are a new mom or mom-to-be, or you know one (or about TEN as is my case) you need to check out La Stella Blu.  And if you have a blog and you put up a link you will be entered to win a sling or a pair of baby leg warmers!

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