Auf wiedersehen

Thank you Heidi Klum for teaching me not only about what is fashionable but also how to say goodbye in German!

I am saying adios to Counting My Pennies.  It’s been a fun 2 years here but I have decided to make the switch back to Blogger.  Honestly, I like WordPress better for the actual blogging part but I LOVE blogger for the ability to “prettify” my blog!  I still have a LOT of work to do on it and it’s a slow process as I relearn the Blogger format!

I hope you all will follow me over to Three Little Birds.  I’ll be back checking back on this blog for comments and such but the majority of my blogging will now be family-related and will be on Blogger.

And if you are wondering, “Why Three Little Birds” . . . well it’s all about Bob.  Bob Marley that is.  And the fact that we have three little girls.  And the fact that the song says, “don’t worry . . . about a thing.  ‘Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright”.  I find my self singing that when I am stressed.  Me and the girls do LOVE some Bob Marley!  The name just seemed like a perfect fit.  

Thank you to all my wonderful readers here.  I REALLY hope you will all follow me to the new blog and will click that little button over there that says “follow”.  I know there are lots of you lurking out there that I don’t know but would love to meet!

1 Response to “Auf wiedersehen”

  1. 1 Alison January 3, 2010 at 8:34 am

    We love “Three Little Birds”–Charlotte sings it all the time :).
    Just checked out the new blog; it is pretty. And just to throw in my 2Cents, I *love love love* MY red cabinets (and they don’t show dirty finger prints at all :).

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