Last Year’s Resolutions Reviewed

I found my resolution post from last year and I thought I would see how I did with sticking to them!

1)  Life a healthier, greener life.   

I did fairly well at the greener part.  This year I stopped using papertowels, started recycling, started using cloth diapers and reuseable baby wipes.  I am much more conscious now of what I buy and whether it is the best “green” option.  My sis-in-law laughed at me in the grocery store once because I was honestly torn between buying “green” biodegradable paper plates and the much much cheaper (but horrible for the environment) styrofoam.  Kermit was wrong….it’s not always easy being green!

The healthier part needs some work.  I let that go when I found out I was preggers (and then had horrible morning sickness throughout my pregnancy).  This year will be better! 

3)  Reduce my consumption.  Recycle more.  Reuse more.   

 Did very well with this as I mentioned above.  I am also much more cognizant of what I throw away.  I simply can not throw an empty spaghetti jar in the trash anymore.  What a waste!  If I can’t find a use for it then I recycle it! 

5)  Focus on my word for the year–Simplify–and will be content with what I have. 

Did well with this one although the last few months have been harder for me as far as the contentment part. 

6)  Take a photo or document something in our lives everyday. 

I totally screwed this one up!  I had really good intentions to use my 365 Scrapbooking kit to accomplish this.  But when it came THREE months after I ordered it I just didn’t have the desire any longer. I have something in mind for 2010 along these lines but I think it will be more manageable.  And I’m still going to use that scrapbook even though every single day may not have a photo!

7)  Participate in the Weekly Photography Challenge. 

Forget it.  I got way too busy with moving and all so I gave up on this one.

8)  Read one book each month.  

I read way more this year than usual although I didn’t read one book a month.  I did read the first 3 books of the Twilight Series, and a few other books here and there.  Probably maybe 6 books total.  But I read tons to prepare for homeschooling and to prepare lesson plans so that should count for something, right?! 

Still thinking about my resolutions for this year.  I can’t believe another decade has passed.  Wow.  10 years ago I was still in nursing school.  Aaron and I lived in a little apartment in Eliazabeth City.  We were BROKE but happy.  It’s hard to believe that in 10 years from now I will have a 10 year old, a 14 year old and an almost-18 year old.  Yikes.  I just want to take it one day at a time and enjoy every minute.  Time is passing so quickly now!

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