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Rough (but strangely productive) Day

Despite spending the entire day at home (very unusual for us) with a grumpier than usual 2 month old and a defiant and sassy 4 year old I still managed to accomplish a few things today.  Not as much as I was hoping but at least it’s a start.  In between tending to Layla and her constant crying and arguing with Madalyn about her messy room I was able to:

  • Clean out the upstairs hallway closet and label the shelves.  I do love my labeler.  And it really helps me to keep things in their place!
  • Sorted through Madalyn’s clothes and took the too small ones out of her closet.
  • Almost got Madalyn’s room clean.
  • Hang a different shower curtain in the upstairs hallway bathroom.
  • Switch the dining room curtain with the master bedroom curtain. 
  • Washed about 4 loads of clothes including a load of diapers.  Have gotten 3 dried and folded.
  • Cooked supper.
  • Cleaned Annagrace’s room.
  • Changed the sheets in Annagrace’s room and our room.
  • Scrubbed about 1/4 of the kitchen floor (getting ready to go and finish that now).
  • Cleaned our bedroom (though it is not nearly done).
  • Wrapped one present and helped the girls wrap two presents. 

I honestly don’t know how I got all that done today.  Annagrace was a really big help and I wouldn’t have gotten half of that stuff done without her.  Layla was soooooo fussy today.  At one point I just laid her in the crib and let her cry because I was starting to lose my patience.  I hate hearing her cry and I KNOW she doesn’t feel good because of the thrush but I just couldn’t handle it.  Lots of mama tears shed today!

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