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Yucky thrush

My poor baby has thrush. As upset about that as I am I am glad to know what has been causing her to be so incredibly fussy the last few days. I feel awful because I thought her tongue looked white a few days ago and I thought, “Hmmm…that sorts looks like thrush. Nah. It’s probably just leftover milk.”. Today I was holding her in her sling while I was cooking because she just wouldn’t calm down any other way and she yawned really big while we were standing by the window. That’s when I saw her tongue covered in white patches! I looked in it again this evening and it is also on the inside of her cheeks. That explains the increase in spit up, the fussiness while nursing, my sore breasts. All things that I had attributed to other things. I feel so stupid. I think she may have had this for awhile because of the timing of all the symptoms.

Anyway. I called her doctor and she has called in a prescription for her for Nystatin drops and also a script for Nystatin cream that I am to use after nursing. I will have to get it tomorrow since the pharmacy was closed when we went tonight.

I hope she gets feeling better before Christmas! I want my sweet happy baby back!

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