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Today I am grateful for:

  • Good books, including this one that I have almost finished:


  • Finding one of my favorite movies in the $5 DVD section at Wal-mart.

  • Pearl Jam.  Yes, Pearl Jam.  I’ve loved them for so long.  Hopefully I’ll see them live one day. 


  • Blogs by creative people like this one.  And this one.  And especially this one
  • My Aunt Tinker (yes, that is really her name…well, a nickname that stuck) and her homemade fudge.
  • Good days that are had by my 92 year old Granny.  It was nice to visit yesterday and know that she knew who I was (even if she couldn’t remember my name!). 
  • Homeschooling my kids.  I love it.  Most days. 
  • Little girly Christmas dresses worn by Layla and Madalyn tonight.  And “big girl” sweater dresses and black boots (worn by Annagrace!). 
  • My mom’s scheduled knee replacement surgery.  I tell ya, when I see her get up without a walker, pick up Layla and carry her for the first time…I will just CRY.  
  • Payday.  And I’m not talking about the candy bar.  Although they are pretty good too. 
  • Christmas surprises.  And my kids are getting a BIG one this year!  Can’t wait!!!
  • Cloth diapers and the ability to breastfeed my child.  Not that money is the main reason I do it but it is amazing to think that those two things have already saved us roughly $250.  And Layla is not even 2 months old yet!
  •  My parents and their love for their grandchildren.  They never hesitate to say “yes” when I ask them if the girls can spend the night with them! 

  • My new niece or nephew who will be making a debut next summer!!!  Annagrace became the first grandchild in 2002.  In 2004 Taylor joined the bunch when her mommy married my brother.  In 2005 our family was blessed with both Brayden and Madalyn, in 2008 Zachary arrived, in 2009 Layla joined our brood and now next year another little Cutler will join the family! Yippee!  My mom said she never dreamed she would have 7 grandchildren!

So many more things to be grateful for.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!

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