Look Who’s One Month Old!

Here are some new photos of me, Layla Joy!  I was one month old on Thanksgiving Day!

People think I’m pretty cute.  Everyone likes to talk about “all my hair”.  And my dimples.  A lot of people think I look like my big sister, Annagrace but my mommy thinks I look like Madalyn.  In fact, she says that if she doesn’t write our names on our pictures then one day she may not remember who the picture is of!

Here’s a few things about me at one month:

  • Apparently my real name is Layla but my mommy and daddy have a lot of nicknames for me.  Baby girl, Pretty Girl, Miss Dimples, Layla J, LJ, Tater Tot, Sweet Pea.  I think it’s cute how crazy they are about me.
  • Mommy likes using cloth diapers on me.  They make my butt look huge but at least it helps me fill out my clothes a little better.
  • Speaking of cloths, I’m still wearing my newborn clothes.  And sometimes they are still too big!
  • I am finally getting into a sleeping and eating routine and that seems to be making my mommy happy.  At night she usually stays up and feeds me at 1 a.m.  and then I sleep until 5: 30 a.m. (and sometimes later than that).  Then it’s back to sleep until 8 a.m.  Somedays I like to stay awake a LOT.  And in the evenings, I like to have mommy all to myself!
  • My sisters love me.  They give me lots of hugs and kisses…especially the little one.  Sometimes mommy makes her stop because she thinks it bothers me but secretly I love it!
  • Mommy put me in a bathtub the other night.  I hated it!  I prefer to get my baths on a nice warm towel while lying on daddy and mommy’s bed.
  • I have already been to my first movie–we saw “A Christmas Carol”.  I’ve also been to two different libraries.  And I’ve been on a field trip to the Charles B. Aycock Center.  AND I’ve been to the aquarium and the beach.  Annagrace thinks I’m going to be a pretty smart kid because when she’s in “school” then I’m in school too since my mommy is the teacher!
  • I finally slept in my cradle the other night for the first time.  I used to hate that thing but it’s growing on me.  Of course, if I had my way I’d sleep in the bed with mommy and daddy every night.  (Sometimes they let me for a little while!)

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