Drowning in Photos

I have decided to try and tackle the overwhelming task of organizing the photos on our desktop computer.  I say overwhelming because I have roughly 30,000 photos on this computer.

Yes, seriously.  I got my digital SLR camera in March 2006 and that means I have taken roughly 10,000 photos a year.  It’s insane I know.  The crazy part?  I have not backed up a single photo since June 2008!  I know that computers tend to crash from time to time and I am determined to get these photos in a safe place in case that happens to us.  But that means weeding through almost 2 years worth of photos.

So I’m wondering . . . how do you store your photos?  I am looking into getting an external hard drive.  I currently burn all my photos to DVD and I am looking into an online storage site.  Currently I am considering either SmugMug or Mozy.  While I’d like to go with a free site I am reluctant.  I want to know that my files will never be compressed, will be kept private and will not be deleted.  Not sure what to do.

Here is my process with what I have already:

1.  Review each folder and delete unwanted/temporary folders.  Combine all small “daily” folders into “monthly” folders.

2.  Sort through each and every photo.  Rename and save the “keepers” that I want to use in my scrapbook in a separate file.  I will be doing my 2008 and 2009 scrapbooks all digital.

3.  Burn all photos from each folder onto a DVD.

4.  Delete folder.

This is the most tedious work.  I have been at it for almost 3 hours now and I have gotten 4 months worth done.  The good thing is that my scrapbooking should go faster because I have already sorted through the photos!

And since we’re talking photos I’ll share a new one of baby Layla.  Here she is at 3 1/2 weeks old.




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