This is my first post from my phone! The girls and I are at my parent’s home tonight. I hope my hubby gets a good night’s sleep! He has been a real trooper the last few weeks getting up at night with me and the baby and helping me with supper and chores and working full time on top of all of that. I figure he deserves a good night’s sleep!

These are some random things floating through my head tonight:

1. “Say Anything” is a great movie and “In Your Eyes” is an amazing song. Love it.
2. My baby has the prettiest hair. Light brown with little blonde highlights.
3. I am very excited about “New Moon”! Hoping to see it soon with my friend Jenn.
4. I love my new G-Vegas friends. Gina and Ryan and Frances and Ned–you guys rock. Hope to have more fun times with y’all soon.
5. I received the best news last week but don’t know if I am allowed to share it yet or not.
6. Is Thanksgiving really next week?!
7. I really want to do the 25 books of Christmas idea that Lindsey posted about on her blog. Going to have to rummage through and count up how many books we already have. I also can’t wait to read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” with the girls this year. One of the best kids books ever written in my opinion!
8. I love that my 7 year old is interested in forensics. Maybe she will live out my dream of being either a CSI or a crime scene photographer! She got a kid’s forensics book from the library and informed me today that investigators help determine a corpse’s gender by the hips because women’s hips have to be big enough for babies to pass through. Is it awful that my little girl is interested in this kind of stuff?! She also loves mystery books like Encyclopedia Brown so maybe a career in fighting crime really is in her future!
9. Casting Crowns version of “I Heard the Bells” could be the best Christmas song ever. I get chills every time I hear the line “God is not dead nor does He sleep…”.
10. Speaking of Christmas–for those that don’t know already from facebook, my 7 year old no longer believes in Santa. I hate it! I knew she would figure it out earlier than most kids and honestly thought last year that she knew but this year she finally put it all together and my hubby could not lie to her and told her the truth. It makes me sad. She has been sworn to secrecy so as not to ruin it for her friends and sisters and cousins!
11. I am ready to get back to a healthier lifestyle. I let things go while pregnant-didn’t exercise, didn’t always eat nutritious foods. But I am getting to the point post c-section where I think I can start walking again and I need to start eating better! Planning to get back on Spark People (which I used with success in the past) and I want to get back to running which I loved when I was doing it.
12. Madalyn will be 4 years old next week! Crazy. I can’t believe how quickly time flies. She wants a Scooby Doo party!
13. One day I hope I will be a responsible adult. One who pays bills on time and doesn’t lose things. Since moving we have misplaced our Flip camera and I have lost my mp3 player. So frustrating!!!

Have a great weekend!

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