November is National Blog Post Month

So to promote the challenge to blog something everyday for the month of November, Nicole at OhMyWords and Heather at Everyday Life have come up with some ideas for daily blog topics.

Here are their ideas:

Mondays: “Not Me Mondays” (blog about mishaps embarrassments)
Tuesdays: “Top Ten Tuesdays”(make a top ten list for whatever you want)
Wednesdays: “Wednesday Works” (share something of the old “works for me” school of thought or share a project you’re working on, want to work on, need help with or even share a behavior/habit you or your family is working on)
Thursdays: “Thoughts for Thursdays” -of course!- (blog about a topic of opinion)
Fridays: “Flashback Fridays” (blog about a memory or even photo from the past)
Saturdays: “Saturday Social” (share new or favorite websites or blogs you come across)
Sundays: “Sunday Survey” (random questions)

You may recognize some of these ideas from other blogs around the web.  I thought it would be fun to use these for journaling prompts on days when I just can’t think of anything blog-worthy to write about.

I think I’ll start tomorrow though.  It’s late and I’m tired!

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