A Short Little “Babymoon”

Aaron and I decided several months ago that we wanted to get away for a night or a weekend before the baby arrives. Just me and him, no kids other than the one in my belly. A chance to relax and have some peace and quiet and time just to spend together alone.

I found out that Stone Temple Pilots was going to be performing in Portsmouth a couple months ago and was ecstatic that I was able to get tickets for us to go! I surprised Aaron with the tickets and a reservation to the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel for his birthday. We drove up to Portsmouth last night for the show and it was a blast! I borrowed my mom’s camera rather than dragging my big ole camera along. Would have loved to have gotten some better photos of the band but these aren’t too bad!

First up is the hotel room. We were very impressed with the hotel. I can not believe the deal I got on the room! It ended up being around $125 when you included the room price and parking ($10). The rooms were gorgeous! We had a waterfront view and they had Aveda products in the bathroom. Yes, those little things excite me! I love Aveda products!

I love the decor and I totally want that chaise lounge!


This is our view from the 12th floor!  This is the Elizabeth River.


We checked in and then headed out to eat supper–we ended up taking a long walk around the Olde Towne area of Portsmouth.  It was a long walk!  After supper (at Paddy O’Brian’s pub) we went to the waterfront and just sat and talked and waited until closer to 7pm when the Pavilion opened up.  Here is a view of the waterfront–that is our hotel over to the left.


Then it was off to the concert!  It was a total of about 5-6 blocks from the Pavilion to our hotel.  The area was very safe and even walking back at 11pm I felt at ease because of all the police nearby.  The police station is a few blocks away and there were many cops there directing traffic.   It worked out perfectly!

Here we are in our seats ready for the show to start!  Have I mentioned that my nose has gotten bigger during pregnancy?  I can really tell in this photo–it looks huge!  It got bigger with my pregnancy with Madalyn too.  Isn’t that weird?  There are so many things you don’t realize that happen to your body when you get pregnant!


Meat Puppets opened the show.  I loved the Meat Puppets back in the 90s though I only had one of their albums.  I was very impressed by them.  I think they are very underrated and unappreciated!  They are a hard rock jam band and they sometimes have a little bluegrassy/country twist in their songs.  Very unique and very talented in my opinion!

Then it was time for STP!  Aaron and I have been fans of STP for 17 years!  Crazy.  We never thought we’d see them in concert because they split up for many years and then considering their lead singer battled a heroin addiction for over a decade who would’ve thought he’d live this long.  Sad, but true.  We were so excited to see them!  They were amazing!  They had not performed together for 7 years prior to this tour but it was like the good old days!  They sang every song like it was their encore!

They opened with “Lounge Fly”.  Scott Weiland actually looked great.  He was sober (!) and danced like a crazy fool the entire time.  I loved it!  The music was loud but not so loud that you couldn’t understand the lyrics.  And my ears didn’t even ring afterwards.  Typically my ears will ring for days on end after a concert but they were okay today!


It seemed like everyone there knew all the songs.  I loved singing along and hearing all the fans sing along.  At one point during “Plush” Scott held the microphone out and the audience sang the chorus.  It was awesome!   Aaron and I were talking about how cool it was that 17 years later so many people still know the words to their songs.  This is during “Plush”:


And here is a video filmed during “Plush”! This was from someone that was in the pit. Oh how I would have loved to be in that pit! I don’t think my pregnant body could have taken standing for 4 hours though. It was enough for me to have to sit for 4 hours with no bathroom break (we were in the middle of the aisle and I could not bring myself to try to get my big old pregnant body through the crowd!).

We had so much fun. I loved seeing Aaron so excited about the concert. He typically stands with his arms crossed listening to the music. It’s rare to even get an applause from him and I actually heard him sing and cheer and clap last night! Such a fun time!

I think I really overdid myself because I felt horrible all night with belly pains and then all this morning too. Not sure what was making my belly hurt. I think I’ve just been trying to do too much lately. Two more weeks to go and our lives are going to be forever changed yet again! We can’t wait for little Layla to get here!

2 Responses to “A Short Little “Babymoon””

  1. 1 Alison October 11, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Sounds like a blast! I’ve already made reservations for Dean and I to get away for our 10th anniv (next summer, LOL). I haven’t had a weekend away in years! (3.5 to be exact 🙂

  2. 2 Melissa October 11, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    So glad you two had a fun time!!! What a blast!! Sounds like an awesome experience!

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