In Memory

After learning about my friend, Virginia’s death last night I went upstairs and started looking through old scrapbooks for pictures of her.  I thought I’d share a few of them on here along with a few memories.  It all seems so surreal right now.  I just can’t believe that she’s gone.

We met Virginia in the Summer of 2000 when she started attending our church.  She was baptized soon after and we soon got to know her then boyfriend, Adam.  Aaron and I always had fun hanging out with them.  Adam and I had a lot in common (we both loved Bob Marley, the Grateful Dead and had a thing for tie-dye and incense!).  Over the years they became good friends of ours and eventually were married (Aaron performed the ceremony).

Virginia loved our daughter, Annagrace!  Whenever we got together she would end up holding her, feeding her.  She didn’t want to put her down!  This was taken in the hospital the day that Annagrace was born.

With AnnagraceVirginia was so small and petite that I always thought Annagrace looked so big when she would hold her!  This is Virginia with Annagrace in January 2003:

With AG 2

We would often go to cookouts at Virginia’s tiny little apartment.  She was always welcoming and loved having guests over.  We worked in the nursery at church together.  We would go out to eat on Sundays after services.  She helped me plan our friends’ baby shower.

When our friend, Mike, passed away Virginia and Adam traveled with us to North Carolina for his memorial service.  It was nice to have friends with us during such a horrible time.  We stopped in Richmond on the way to see my sister-in-law at the airport.  I remember we went out to eat at a little diner afterwards and Adam and I both got so sick on our stomaches that we had to stop to use the bathroom about 3 times the rest of the drive down!  (Was that TMI?!)

This photo was taken at our friend Becky’s son’s first birthday party.  Once again–there’s Virginia holding Annagrace!  She loved playing with her every chance she got!  Annagrace was 17 months old in this photo.  (And I just realized how much Madalyn looks like a blonde haired blue eyed version of Annagrace!  LOL!)

with AG 3

And this is the last photo that I could find that I took of Virginia.  This was up at Massanutten Resort.  Virginia and Adam met us there to go to the Harvest Festival up on the ski slopes.  I remember it was rainy and dreary that day and we quickly walked through and looked at all the crafts, got some kettle korn and went back home!

Virginia and Adam

Unfortunately, Virginia and Adam did not stay married.  They had some rough times and their marriage ended in divorce.  We saw them less and less after they split up and Adam moved away.  We would occasionally see Virginia around Harrisonburg.  Aaron kept in touch with Adam for awhile and we saw him a few times around the time that Madalyn was born in 2005.

Virginia was actually working on the Labor and Delivery floor in November 2005 when Madalyn was born.  In fact, when I had my passing out/hemorrhaging/almost died episode she was the one that went out to the lobby to calm my parents and tell them what was happening.  It was so nice to have a friendly face there.  The next day when she came to work she brought us an outfit for Madalyn, a little stuffed pink snowman and a baby’s first snowman ornament with a sweet card.  Every Christmas when I hang that ornament on the tree I will remember her.

Not long after that she started working in my doctor’s office.  He was also the doctor for one of my more difficult patients and on almost a weekly basis I would call the office and talk to her about this patient.  When I went in for appointments she was my nurse which gave us time to catch up with one another and to talk.  Whenever I saw her it was like old times–like nothing had ever changed.  She was the same old sweet, caring Virginia.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I regret that I didn’t do more to invest in our friendship.  The last time we spoke she just talked and talked and talked and seemed to be very genuine about regrets in her past and about turning back to Jesus.  She was on my mind and in my prayers often but I never took any steps towards helping her or encouraging her in her faith.

I pray that she is dancing in God’s presence now.  I have imagined Mike being there to help welcome her to Heaven.  I pray for peace and comfort for her family in knowing that she was a believer and despite mistakes she had made in her past that she still held onto her faith and still desired to have a relationship with Jesus.  I am grateful that I knew her for just a few short years and that I’ll one day have the rest of eternity to be her friend and her sister in Christ.

2 Responses to “In Memory”

  1. 1 Melissa September 11, 2009 at 6:26 am

    I am so very sorry for your loss. I know you were a blessing to Virginia in her lifetime because you have been such a blessing to me. It’s obvious from the pictures that she loved you and your family. I pray for her family and friends that God will comfort all of you and help you to find peace. I love you!!!


  2. 2 Heather and Reber September 11, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    What a sweet post…perfect for Virginia b/c she was sweet! In the newspaper it even said she brought cookies for the neighbor kids the day before we lost her. Surreal is a perfect way to describe it. When my aunt and cousin were murdered it was so WEIRD. It’s wrong to steal from people, but I couldn’t (and still can’t) fathom how a person can steal another person’s LIFE. That is like the ultimate bullcrap. I’m thinking about you all because I know this is incredibly hard for you.

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