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A Letter to my Middle Child

Hey Ladybug.  I know lots of things have changed for you this year.  Starting preschool, and then ending early.  Moving.  Trying to make new friends.  Moving into a new house where you sleep in your own room.  Getting used to Dad being gone all day (and mom being home!).  Having a babysitter for the first time in your young little life.

And now in two months we’re bringing a new little girl home into our family.  I know it’s tough but I can’t imagine how you feel.  I was always the baby in my family so I honestly don’t know what it is like to have a younger sibling.  Maybe we’ve talked too much about the baby.  Maybe we’ve read too many books about babies.  Maybe you’ve seen me buy her too many things.  But you are definitely starting to realize that you are not going to be the baby of the family any more.  Just a couple days ago I heard you crying in the living room and when I went to check on you, you said, “I want to be your baby!”.  And it dawned on me then that maybe you are not as excited about the baby as I think you are.

I know it will be tough.  There will be days that you HATE being a big sister.  There will be days that Layla needs a lot of attention and you may not get as much attention from Mommy that day.

But know that I love you VERY much.  Layla is not replacing you as the baby of the family.  One day you will see that her presence in our lives will make you the person you are.  Not the oldest.  Not the youngest.  But in a very special place, right in the middle.

I pray for guidance as we raise you and your two sisters.  I pray that I have enough patience and love and time to devote to each one of you.  I pray that you never feel left out.  That you never feel second best.  That each of my girls feels equally loved and cared for.

So hang in there.  Like I said, there will be bad days being a big sister.  But I pray that the good days far outweigh the bad.  I pray that you and both your sisters grow up to be best friends.  And please know that no matter what . . . you will always be my little baby.  The one that wakes me up at night standing by my bed sucking her thumb.  That crawls into bed between me and your daddy.  That hogs the bed and the covers and who likes to snuggle up so close to me that I’m almost pushed off the bed.  I’m going to miss that one day!

You will always be my special little baby.  I love you, Ladybug!


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