Homeschool Fun!

It’s been a crazy week.  Starting school, working two days, going with my mom to a doctor’s appointment, company in from out-of-town (my sis-in-law) not to mention the sad, gloomy cloud that has been hovering this week following Baby Ayden’s death.  It’s just been crazy.  In the midst of all the craziness I managed to get through Annagrace and Madalyn’s first week of school.  Here is a summary of the week’s events.


Monday was a great day.  Madalyn was wonderful!  She behaved and even paid attention when I gave her a few activities to do.  Already I am seeing just how smart she is!  And her language is getting so much better.  She doesn’t stutter or mumble nearly as much as she used to (we were worried about this last year and her preschool teacher even recommended that we keep watch on it and if it was still a concern at the end of this school year to get her checked out).   I think she’s going to be fine.  Her vocabulary is really growing!  She printed a picture off the computer the other day and told me “This is a gorgeous design!”.

One of her first tasks has been learning to identify her name.  I thought I’d start her off with just 2-3 to choose from but she has done so well that I went ahead and posted most of the family and after a couple of days she can now identify every name!  I love these namecards that I got at the Dollar Tree!  I’m going to mix the names up and add a few more next week to keep it interesting for her!


Her other activity for Monday was to practice spelling her name.  Alison directed me to a blog with this idea on it but at the moment I can’t remember which blog it was!  So I can’t take credit for it but it was a great idea!


She already can place all the letters in the correct place.  She is also attempting to write her name and is able to write “Mad” which is fitting since that’s her nickname!

Annagrace did well on Monday too.  She paid attention and didn’t complain too much!  Our first 2 weeks of school are just Introduction type stuff and review.  This week she learned about the world, the continents, and how to read a map.  For math we are reviewing multiplication tables (she knows her 0s, 1s, 2s, and 3s and next week we will really work on her 4s-7s).  She also started learning her memory verse for the week:  John 3:16.  She had it memorized in 3 days time!

Mondays will be her “challenge” days and her first unit of study is the 50 States.  She studied the northeastern area of the United States on Monday and started learning her state capitals.  We also started putting together her postcard notebook.  She has been receiving post cards all week and gets excited about each and every one!

Here is her Colorado postcard–sent by the three Colon girls (I am facebook friends with their mom, Amy).  They are also homeschooled!


And here is the inside of the notebook with an Alaska (she got 2 from there) and a California postcard in place.  On the right side page it has the state name and capital, the date she received it and how we know the person who sent it.


She is having a great time collecting quarters as well.  I found her a special book at the bookstore just for collecting them and she’s already built up quite a collection!

Aaron finished up our homeschool day by reading Annagrace’s science book with her.  I like that he can help out and it makes our day a little bit lighter when he helps out in the evenings!


Tuesday was not quite as busy and seems like it may be one of our slower paced days.  We started at 9 and finished at 12:30 and then we headed out to a Homeschool playgroup from 1-3.  The girls had so much fun!  I was thrilled to find out that there were 3 girls there that are close to Annagrace’s age!  Madalyn had a couple of boys her age that she seemed to enjoy playing with too.  The moms were all so nice and helpful.  I picked up some great ideas and tips for things to do with the girls from them.  We are looking forward to this each week!   After playgroup we walked across the street to the library and checked out THIRTY books!!!  Annagrace picked out 10 of her own and then I picked out 20 for the girls to share!  Almost all of them are related to what we are studying in some way.

One of their projects today was to draw a picture of something they learned in their science lesson (they learned about photosynthesis and nocturnal animals).  They decided to draw pictures of bats.  Annagrace wrote 3 interesting facts about bats on her paper and then we went to the computer and learned about what type of noise bats make.  Madalyn was fascinated and I made sure to find her a book about bats at the library!

Oh!  And I forgot to mention . . . last week I checked out “The BFG” by Roald Dahl because I remember loving it as a child and thought we could read it together.  Well Annagrace started it on her own and couldn’t put it down!  She had it finished in no time at all.  She highly recommends it for any 3rd-6th graders out there!


We had another busy day on Wednesday and we got started by 8:15.  I am realizing that Madalyn can handle about every other day as far as being able to pay attention and listen.  So I am thinking the majority of her school stuff we will do on M-W-F.  I wanted to give her a fun activity for today and little did I know that Annagrace would enjoy it so much too!  I let Annagrace have a nice long break in the morning and here is what they did together and without fighting!



The most surprising thing was that those baby clothes were filthy!  I had never even thought to wash them and boy did they need it!   They had one bowl to wash in and one to rinse in.  They had a great time and I know we’ll be doing this again soon!

After lunch Papa came to stay with the girls while I went with my mom (Grammy) to a doctor’s appointment.  While we were gone, Papa helped Annagrace start a worm project!


The jar has black dirt, then sand, then more black dirt, then some oats on top and then about 10 worms inside.  She is suppose to check it each day and see what it looks like, how it has changed, etc.  She wasn’t too happy about it at first but she seems to be interested in what is going to happen over the next few days!

Thursday and Friday

I worked both days so Annagrace had a substitute–Aaron’s sister, Steph.  Annagrace did well getting her work done (I was really light on her both days) and they even had PE yesterday afternoon!  We also took them to the park for awhile last evening.

So that was our first week of school at the casa de Saufley!  I love it.  I love being with my girls.  I love talking and sharing and learning with Annagrace.  I love the flexibility.  I love not having to get up and put my baby on a bus in the morning.  I love knowing what she is learning and we both enjoy telling Aaron when he gets home what we studied that day.  Next week we are going to try to start piano lessons (I’ll be trying to teach her so we’ll see how that goes!) and my mom will be her substitute for at least one day.   I also have plans to sign Madalyn up for dance classes that will be held on Mondays and the homeschool co-op will be starting later in September.  I am so excited about all the things that Annagrace is going to learn this year!

5 Responses to “Homeschool Fun!”

  1. 1 Alison August 29, 2009 at 6:51 am

    FUN FUN FUN! Sounds like a great week! I did the bottle cap thing w/ Charlotte but we didn’t have bottle caps so I used clothes pins (a letter on each on). A little difficult for her. Gonna keep my eye out for bottle caps now 🙂

  2. 2 Melissa August 29, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    Sounds like you guys are doing really well!!! Glad that everyone is enjoying it!! Sounds fun and challenging!!

  3. 3 Heather August 29, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Laura- I thought you may be interested in 4 y/o LOVES it.

    Sounds like homeschooling is going great for you guys. I really contemplated it this year..we’ll see how public school Pre-K goes. Next year we might be homeschooling too.

  4. 5 henry September 17, 2009 at 7:40 am

    Please consider submitting something about homeschooling to the Carnival of Homeschooling.

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