Five Years into the Future

I picked up the book “Simplify Your Time” several months ago (right before we moved) and recently picked it up to read through it.  It has some great tips that I had read and already implemented and I really enjoyed a chapter about Organizing your goals.  The author pointed out how a lot of people had goals or things they wanted to accomplish but they never developed a timeline or a plan for accomplishing them. 

One thing she suggested was to make a list of 15 things you would like to do or accomplish in the next 5 years.  The first thing she has people do is write out the seasons and the age you will be (and your family members) during those seasons over the next 5 years.  By doing this you realize just how quickly 5 years will pass by.  Sometimes we think about the future but we do think about what age we will be, or how old our kids will be, or our parents.  

So I was thinking about 5 years into the future.  If Jesus does not return first then in exactly 5 years from today I will be (gasp!) 37 years old.  Wow–almost 40 years old.  I will have been married for 16 years.  Annagrace will be 12 years old and will be getting ready to start the 8th grade.  Madalyn will be almost 9 years old and baby Layla will be almost 5 years old.  My dad will be nearing 70.  We will no longer have a baby or even a toddler in our house.  The high chairs will be packed away, Layla will be in a big girl bed and my oldest daughter’s hormones will be beginning to rage.  Buddy will probably have gone on to his eternal home and I’m sure that people I love will have passed away.  And there will be new friends and family members in our lives.  

And all of that . . . in JUST 5 YEARS.  Wow.  That really puts things into perspective.  

I started thinking about things I want to do or accomplish in the next 5 years and I honestly have not even come up with 15 yet.  Here is the list that I started in the dentist’s office 2 weeks ago.  I’ll have to add more as I complete my list! 

1.  Pay off our van. 
2.  Install a new kitchen floor (oh man how I HATE our kitchen floor!).
3.  Replace carpet throughout the house.   
4.  Take the girls to Disneyworld.
5.  Celebrate my 15th anniversary away from home without the kids.  (I told my friend Jenn today that maybe if I was lucky Aaron might take me to Graceland.  Hee hee.  Well, I have always wanted to go!).
6.  Pay cash for a new (well, used) vehicle for Aaron.  Just praying that we won’t have to do this for about 4 more years!
7.  Quit nursing job and make my living off of photography.
8.  Support a Compassion Child.
9.  Take the girls to an American Girl store.  

What things would you like to do or accomplish in the next 5 years?

2 Responses to “Five Years into the Future”

  1. 1 Amanda H. Avery August 23, 2009 at 10:35 am

    We don’t have a long list, but several goals we throw around:

    1. Building a storage building for Chris
    2. Garage addition to the house + office and bedroom (to allow separate rooms for the girls)
    3. Return to Disney World while the girls still believe in the magic
    4. Go to NYC and allow girls to build their own Barbies
    5. Hardwood floors
    6. Tile kitchen, bathrooms, and entry ways
    7. Remove ugly outdated wallpaper in kitchen and bathroom

  2. 2 sarah August 23, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    we went through memphis on our way down to texas from ohio. i didn’t get to go to graceland, but sun studio nearly brought me to tears – it’s a cool place to vacation for not a lot of money. i don’t make goal lists anymore because everytime i do something happens to junk it all up, like richard getting a new job in ohio and then texas, getting pregnant, etc. i hope you have an easier time with your list!!

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