Green and Frugal Friday: Recycling

Gonna be a quick post today because I have tons of stuff to get done today! And my in-laws are coming for the weekend then after they go back on Sunday we leave for a week at the beach!

I’ve talked several times on my blog about recycling. Wondering how many of my readers actually do it?

I didn’t for a long long time. In our previous homes we never had curbside pickup. However at our last home in VA there was a huge recycling place about a mile from our house. It was conveniently located on the way to the park that the girls loved to play at (and that I loved to go walking in). So I made a weekly trip there to drop off our recycling.

I actually enjoyed it. You had to separate your own and throw it into the big dumpsters. My favorite part was the newspaper bin because I could skim the top for coupons that people had thrown away! LOL!

Now that we have moved we have curbside recycling. I didn’t bother with recycling for the first 2 months we were here. (Hanging my head in shame…!). But have gotten back into it. When Aaron got took out the trash the first week that I started taking out all the recyclable things he asked me where all the trash was! We only had one bag to go out in the regular trash!

It makes a huge difference in our trash output when we recycle. I take out all cardboard (including cereal boxes, etc), plastic containers (milk containers take up a lot of space in the regular trash!), glass, newspapers, magazines and plastic bags and put them in our recycling bin and the city comes right by and picks it up.  It’s awesome!  No more separating, no more trips to drop it off.  The only thing that they do not pick up is plastic bags (and unfortunately I tend to forget my reusable bags when I get groceries and the plastic piles up).  So I have tons of plastic bags sitting here to be recycled–need to find a local grocery store that takes them.  Anyone know where that may be?

Recycling is so important and makes so much sense. Why fill our landfills with things that can be broken down and made into other items? Or why throw things away that we can reuse? I can not stand to throw away a glass jar or bottle–what a WASTE to just throw that in the trash! Sometime I even reuse glass jars. My mom has a friend that reuses her Yankee candle jars after cleaning them out and she stores craft, hairbows and other things in them.

If you are interested in more info about recycling, go to Earth 911. There is tons of information there to be read!

So do you recycle?  If not, why not?  Does your town offer curbside recycling?

3 Responses to “Green and Frugal Friday: Recycling”

  1. 1 Lynn August 14, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Harris Teeter has a bin in the front of the store where the carts are for bags to be recycled. I think Lowe’s Foods does as well.

  2. 3 Heather and Reber August 15, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Heck yes I recycle. We are lucky to have curbside pickup but I still give my number 5 and 6 to somebody in the county to recycle since they don’t take it in the city.

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