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Whaddya think?

I was going to blog about this new breastfeeding doll last week but changed my mind.  Then my friend and fellow blogger Amanda did blog about it (and this is totally NOT a stab at her.  I am just curious to hear my reader’s opinions!).  If you are interested in reading my opinion, I left the first comment over on the post on Amanda’s blog post.

Any thoughts on this?

I just have one quick comment to make then PLEASE leave your thoughts and comments.  I’d love to hear them!

One article I just read said that the doll “sexualizes” girls at a young age and will make them want to have babies at a young age.  What?  Are you kidding me?  I mean, really.  Have you seen the clothes that are sold at Target in the “little girls” section these days?  I haven’t heard an uproar about those clothes “sexualizing” young girls.  Or Bratz or Barbies or Hannah Montana sexualizing young girls.  Why this doll?  Why is it getting such flack?

And further more, why would this doll make a girl want to have a baby early in life but no other doll before it has ever done that?  As a child, I didn’t dream of becoming a mother because my doll could pee or poop or bottle feed or breastfeed.  It’s just a natural instinct for SOME women to want to have children.  A doll isn’t going to influence a young girl to want to be a teen mom and it certainly isn’t going to cause her to be promiscuous at a young age either.  Let’s not give the doll more credit than it is worth.  I think Hollywood does waaaayyyy more to promote teen sex than any doll can!  Where is the outrage over “16 and Pregnant” or “The Secret Life of an American Teen?!

Off my soapbox and on to bed.  Please comment away!

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