Who?  Me?  I actually have nothing of significance to say tonight . . . but still wanted to blog!  LOL!  I love blogging.  It’s a nice stress reliever and hobby for me and it helps me keep stories and events straight for the future when I actually have time to scrapbook them!  And I’m glad my kids will have this blog to read one day.  I always loved reading through things that my mom wrote as a child and while in high school so I hope my kids cherish this one day!

Anyway….what to blog about?

How about some recent cute sayings by my adorable children?  (In case you don’t know, Madalyn is 3 1/2 and Annagrace is 7 going on 17!).

At church . . .
Pastor:  “When Jesus came…”
Madalyn:  “Is Jesus coming here today?!”

Madalyn:  “Are you going to work?”
Me:  “No, not tonight.  Do you like it when I go to work?”
Madalyn:  “No, I like it when Aaron goes to work.”

Madalyn:  “I like keeping my eyes on Jesus, Mama”.  (quoting her favorite VBS song!)

Madalyn:  “I don’t want pigtails, I want a ponytail!”
Annagrace:  “Well I don’t want any kind of tail!”

Annagrace:  “If I had all my teeth, I’d be the perfect model.”

And this precious classic . . .

Annagrace:  “If I don’t have a boyfriend by the time I’m 19 then I’m going on one of those dating sites.”

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