Buy Nothing Challenge Confession Time

I meant to do this Sunday but better late than never.  It’s confession time.

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2009

OK, so the rules were to buy nothing new.  So I haven’t done TOO terribly bad!  I got a bunch of things at the Salvation Army the other day so that was all used stuff.  I spent about $40 but I got a much needed chair for the homeschool room for $5 and bought a ton of Gymboree and Gap brand clothes for AG and Madalyn (I can spot a brand name in a thrift store from a mile away!).  Plus got Annagrace some rain boots (she has been begging me for rain boots!) and a couple of books to take to the beach next week.  So all together not too bad there.

Here is one little “victory” this week!  I was raking the yard on Sunday and my stupid rake broke.  Someone had left it in the rain and it rotted and broke in two.  I was just about ready to hop in the van and drive the 2 minutes to Lowe’s to buy another one.  But I stopped myself and later called and asked my dad if he had an extra one lying around that I could borrow.  Turns out he DID have one and said I could just have it and he brought it to me yesterday!  Sweet!  And it’s much nicer than the one that I had too!

So the not so good stuff . . .

  • Spent $20 at the scrapbook store on the first day of the challenge!  I went in for a pen and came out with a bag full of paper and stickers.  How did that happen?  I actually had forgotten all about the challenge starting that day!
  • Took Annagrace to see the Lost Colony last Friday night.  I HAD to do this.  I had promised her all summer and the play only runs through August 20 so we had to get a trip in last week.  Spent about $60 on tickets and backstage tour tickets, $32 on gas,  and $40 on supper, some treats for the girls at the Aquarium and snacks, drinks and souvenoirs at the play.  (We have annual passes to the Aquarium so at least that was free!).
  • Spent $3 at Target on some clearance baby socks and a $1 puzzle for Annagrace for school.
  • Bought lunch at Subway today.  I had even packed my lunch but the nurse I was with today stopped in Subway and I had no cash to buy a drink (the only thing I didn’t pack) and didn’t want to use my debit card for just a drink, so I caved and got a sandwich too!  It sure was tasty (and mom…I even ate tomatoes on it!).
  • Spent $20 eating out last night.  Had a really great coupon for Ham’s and the girls were gone for the night so we went out on a little date.

So all together not too terribly bad.  I have really been thinking about my purchases and have been trying to make do or do without rather than running right out and buying something new (like the rake!).

I still struggle so badly at times with consumerism.  Aaron and I had a very heated argument over something very stupid a few days ago and my first thought was that I needed to go out and spend money.  I know that I use shopping as a means of therapy.  I also know that buying things pushes Aaron’s buttons because he is a scrooge when it comes to money.  And I like the feeling when I spend money that I am “getting my way” so to speak.  I think shopping and spending money can be an addiction just like drugs or alcohol.  While I won’t say that I am addicted (I do know my boundaries….I can stop myself from spending money….and I don’t neglect important things for the sake of shopping) I do know that it is something that I need to keep working on.

1 Response to “Buy Nothing Challenge Confession Time”

  1. 1 Heather August 12, 2009 at 11:28 am

    Laura- It sounds like you’re doing GREAT!!! I for some reason do not see spending money on my children as being something I shouldn’t do. My husband doesn’t tend to agree with me here. I do try to find deals though 🙂 But I am totally with you on the shopping as a form of therapy..I call it retail therapy. Whenever I’ve had a horrible day, I always feel better if I spend money. Why?!?!? I have NO clue. I’m trying to stop!!

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

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