Not Me Monday!

This is new for me.  I read MckMama’s blog sporadically and I’ve always loved her “not me” Mondays.  Thought I’d join in this week.  But just remember . . . it wasn’t me!

  • I absolutely did NOT let my 7 year old wear a pair of shorts from the Salvation Army today without washing them first.  How gross is that?  Totally.  So nope, that wasn’t me that did that.
  • And it wasn’t me that in a fit of impatience cut a hunk of skin out of my dog’s hind leg while giving him a haircut.  Couldn’t have been me!
  • And it wasn’t me either that told him the next night that I was so mad at him for biting my coffee table that I was glad I had cut him.
  • I also did NOT agree to let my kids go without a bath for the third night in a row because after all, they have been in the pool all day.  I would never do that.  Not me!
  • I did not secretly enjoy having two days and two nights away by myself last week without any children!
  • And it certainly wasn’t me that got tongue-tied, nervous and all giddy when I saw Chris Daughtry at my hotel last Monday.  And I certainly didn’t visit the lobby and the parking lot multiple times looking for him.  And it wasn’t me that sat in my van and watched his crew through my rear-view mirror just hoping to catch a glimpse of him!  I’m not a stalker so that certainly couldn’t have been me!

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