Green and Frugal Friday

Another post in my new weekly series about how to go green without breaking the bank!  If you want to see previous posts then click on the Green and Frugal Friday tab up above!

My tip for today is . . . .

Eliminate papertowels.

This one has actually been pretty pain free for all of us.  On occasion I may pick up a roll if they are free or really cheap with coupons but lately I haven’t bought any and we really haven’t missed them.  Here’s how I function sans papertowels.

  • For general cleaning I use dishcloths or washcloths.
  • For cleaning windows and mirrors I use newspaper.
  • For occasional messes left on the floor by my aging, sometimes senile dog, I use toilet paper (which I am NOT giving up!).
  • For drying my hands after washing them I use a hand towel.
  • To wipe dirty little kids faces I use washcloths.

There really isn’t anything that I *need* paper towels for.   There used to be a time where I would stock up on the huge packs at Costco and didn’t think I could live without them.  But like I said, it’s been pretty pain free and I don’t think anyone in my family has really noticed much of a difference.  It saves money, saves trees, and decreases the amount of outgoing trash from this house.

And just wanted to throw in a GREAT site that I just found.  For more info about “going green with a baby” go to Green Baby Guide. You’ll find information on everything from cloth baby wipes to preventing food waste with a baby to natural diaper rash remedies.  Plus there is a huge list of Green blogs on her blogroll.  Excellent site!

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