Vaccination Update


Thanks for all the comments, advice and knowledge shared on my post about vaccinations.  I really appreciated hearing all different sides.  I still have a lot of research to do on the subject before I feel totally educated on it and before I make definite decisions for baby Layla.  

Here are some of the decisions that I have made regarding various vaccines. 

Hep B: We are going to delay. I don’t see the need for a very low risk infant to receive this at birth, 2months and 4 months. In Canada they don’t give it until 7th grade! I’m thinking we’ll wait until at least 8 years old.  If my daughter was going to be in daycare or the school system then I would consider giving it earlier.  But considering the circumstances I feel safe with delaying this vaccine.  

Erythromycin eye ointment at birht: I didn’t discuss this one on my previous post but after my friend Alison mentioned it in her comments I got to thinking about it.  Babies receive this to protect them against potential eye infections from bacteria (mainly chlamydia and gonorrhea) that they may pick up in the vaginal canal.  Supposedly it protects against bacteria that could be passed from healthcare workers as well.  Studies show that c-section babies could potentially get this as well–but it would likely be from healthcare workers and not from the mother.  

My thing is, #1)  my baby is going to be a scheduled c-section so the risks from vaginal contamination are eliminated #2) I don’t have an STD! #3) I don’t want my first time meeting my child to be hindered by all that crap in her eyes–see below, and #4) Madalyn STILL got an eye infection even WITH the ointment.  One of the side effects is a clogged tear ducts….well, that’s what the doctor said that Madalyn had!  I’m wondering now if it was from the ointment.  (Wish I had known then about using breast milk for eye infections!)    

One of my biggest issues with having a c-section again is the bonding issue.  I had a very difficult time bonding with Madalyn.  When you have a c-section, you are shown your child (all cleaned up and swaddled) for about 10 seconds in the delivery room.  Then the nurses insist on whisking them away to the nursery while you are in recovery.  I was so drugged and out of it during delivery that I barely had time to focus on her and take it all in.  I remember saying, “I don’t feel good–I’ll see her later”.  

So two hours later when I did get to see her it was difficult for me to make the connection mentally that this really was my child!  The mind is a weird thing I guess.  I hadn’t really seen her come out of me, I hadn’t had time to really look at her and focus on her and see what she looked like and then with all the complications I had…..well, it was bad.  So the first time she saw me, her eyes were full of goop!  How can she bond with me if she can’t even see me?  

I know there are state laws about the erythromycin and I am hoping that NC is a little more lenient.  I have heard horror stories about nurses threatening to call CPS if mom’s refuse so I am hoping that I’ll have an understanding nurse and physician who will understand that my decisions are based on research and not because I am an uneducated “bad” mother!

Vitamin K at birth: I didn’t mention this one previously either but won’t go into it here.  I am still undecided at this time.   My thoughts at the present time are if there is no history of blood disorders, no immediate surgeries planned for baby and I am breastfeeding, then is it really necessary?  Will have to think and read some more about this one.  

MMR: Will delay until 18-24 months instead of at a year.  My nephew just got FIVE shots at his one year visit. That is way too many at one time! Delaying the MMR will allow us to see how Layla is developing and if her speech and motor development is normal. If anything seems “off” then we will reconsider the vaccine all together.  Delaying will decrease the number of vaccines she receives at a year old as well.  

Chickenpox, DTaP, Polio: Will get on schedule

Rotovirus, Hib, Pneumonia: Still undecided. Will likely get on schedule or may delay slightly since I am breastfeeding, my kids don’t go to daycare and I feel they will be safe if it is delayed.  All three of these are typically given at 2 months all at the same time. 

Thanks for all the comments.  I really enjoyed reading them and hearing other sides helped me to make some decisions about what is right for my child.  I am thankful in America that we do have a CHOICE and that we can decide what we feel is best for our children.  I am praying that we are making the correct decisions for our third (and last!) baby and that we will continue to make knowledgeable, educated and prayerful decisions for her in the future!  I am so anxious to meet this little precious girl!

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  1. 1 Alison August 2, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    I had thought about skipping the Vit K and now I can’t remember whether or not I did it. The eye ointment is optional; I had to sign a waiver.

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