No Impact Man

I am so excited to see this documentary! Don’t know what the chances are of it coming to Greenville but it will definitely be put in the Netflix que if I can’t catch it in a theater.

Could you go for one year with no tv? How about no meat? Or cosmetics? Could you go a year without using an elevator? Just a few changes that this family made over the course of a year. I love when the dad said that they got rid of their tv and became better parents because of it. Hmmmm . .. something to ponder. (Aaron and I have been toying with the idea of cancelling our cable).

Also check out Green as a Thistle.  The author has just written a book called Sleeping Naked is Green.  She also decided to green up her life and made one change a day for a year from selling her car to sleeping naked just to cut down on laundry!  I’m looking forward to reading this!

Next week I’m going to be posting a series on the blog about being a Greener (and Frugal) Mama.  I’ll be blogging about diapering, wiping, feeding and bathing babies!  I’ve come a long way but have a ways to go!  Join me on the journey!

1 Response to “No Impact Man”

  1. 1 sarah July 25, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    this looks very exciting! i’m not going to mention the fact that i believe all those things would be easier to do in NYC because everything in the world is available within biking distance…anywho, i have always been antitelevision. we have never had cable in our married life, but i am fighting to get rid of the tv all together. i can’t wait to see this film; i’ll definitely have to blog about it:)

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