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Annagrace’s Room Makeover

Finally going to post some photos of some work I’ve done around the house! Aaron and I were up to 2 a.m. last night painting my 7 year old daughter’s room. She wanted lime green. I tried to talk her out of it and in the end I gave in! We found her bedding on sale at Kohl’s, got some green paint to match and away we went.  Most of the stuff we already had.

Of course these were taken after we were already in the process (notice all the junk on the bed!).


Those burgundy things on the bed were the window covers before–I stripped the burgundy material off and found yellow stipes underneath.  So then I stripped that off and recovered them!



And now for some afters!  I actually LOVE how it turned out.  Annagrace loves it too so that’s what is most important!   We still need to paint behind the shelves–I think we’re going to use the leftover yellow paint from Layla’s room for that as we used every single drop of green paint that we had!


Found these pink polka dot sheers at the Salvation Army for $6!  Awww yeah…gotta love the Salvation Army thrift store!


These are tissue paper pom poms a la Martha Stewart!  Easy peasy and very cute!  The curtains were from her old room and I already had the curtain rod.  The bed was my grandmother’s bed and it was passed down to me several years ago.  The bedding we found at Kohl’s 50% off for the entire 7 piece set including the bedskirt, shams, sheets, pillowcases and comforter!


I covered the window thingies with curtains from Annagrace’s old room.  I bought those lanterns at Family Dollar a couple years ago–we had three but one got demolished in the move to NC.  The desk was found at the thrift store for about $14 and we painted it white.  Wire chair was also found at a thrift store several years ago (plan to cover the seat).  Shelf was given to me by my mom.  Found the tin vases on clearance at Target for about $2.  Hannah Montana beanbag found several months ago at Tuesday Morning for $20.


And here is my very happy daughter!  Let’s hope she keeps it clean since she loves it so much!


Total spent:
Paint and supplies:  $60
Bedding set:  $62
Tissue paper and wire:  $4
Curtains:  $6
Fabric storage cubes:  $20
Plastic containers for storage:  $4


No Impact Man

I am so excited to see this documentary! Don’t know what the chances are of it coming to Greenville but it will definitely be put in the Netflix que if I can’t catch it in a theater.

Could you go for one year with no tv? How about no meat? Or cosmetics? Could you go a year without using an elevator? Just a few changes that this family made over the course of a year. I love when the dad said that they got rid of their tv and became better parents because of it. Hmmmm . .. something to ponder. (Aaron and I have been toying with the idea of cancelling our cable).

Also check out Green as a Thistle.  The author has just written a book called Sleeping Naked is Green.  She also decided to green up her life and made one change a day for a year from selling her car to sleeping naked just to cut down on laundry!  I’m looking forward to reading this!

Next week I’m going to be posting a series on the blog about being a Greener (and Frugal) Mama.  I’ll be blogging about diapering, wiping, feeding and bathing babies!  I’ve come a long way but have a ways to go!  Join me on the journey!

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