I heart the Salvation Army thrift store!

Madalyn and I had a girls day out today and we hit up the Salvation Army thrift store and hit the jackpot!  I’ll eventually be posting photos of some of the items–I couldn’t believe the deals we found!  Here is a list of what we bought:

–1 iron plant stand with a mosaic top ($10)
–1 wooden 3 story toy car garage ($5)
–1 Old Navy Christmas dress for Madalyn ($2 and it looks brand new)
–2 pairs of tennis shoes for Madalyn for the fall ($2 each)
–1 pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans and 1 pair of Limited Too jeans for Annagrace ($2 each)
–2 shirts for Annagrace and 1 shirt for Madalyn ($2 each)
–Books:  Chasing Daylight for Aaron, Girl Meets God and Dancing in the Dark for me and Island of the Blue Dolphins for Annagrace ($5 total for all)
–pair of booties (50 cents), a brand new blanket ($6 with tags still on it) and a brand new baby robe ($5 with tags still on it) for Layla
–pair of pink polka dotted curtain panels for Annagrace’s room ($5)

I love when I find good deals!  The brand name jeans were an awesome find for Annagrace!  And she loves her new curtains!  She has been begging for new curtains and these will match her new polka dotted comforter set that I ordered from Kohl’s this week (I got the entire set–sheets, pillowcases, bedskirt, shams and comforter–during their half off sale and paid only $60 for all of it!).

Aaron said the chaplain that did his orientation had the book that I bought for him.  It is about a man who is diagnosed with a brain tumor and dies 3 1/2 months later.  The book is his memoir.  (I thought it may be a good read for Aaron considering his line of work).  The books I bought sound pretty good too.  I always love a Mary Higgins Clark book and the Girl Meets God book is a memoir of a woman raised by a Jewish dad and lapsed Southern Baptist mother who converts to Christianity.

I’ve been nesting like crazy this week and hope by the weekend to have some photos of several rooms and projects that I’ve been working on!

1 Response to “I heart the Salvation Army thrift store!”

  1. 1 Alison July 10, 2009 at 6:39 am

    Good finds! I haven’t been thrift store shopping in a while. Makes me itch to get out there!

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