Finally . . . an update on life!

So after being in NC for almost 2 months we are finally starting to get settled down.  It has been a rough 2 months for me.  I started a job, absolutely hated said job, resigned from that job, then started another job a week later!  On Thursday I went to orientation for my new job as a private duty nurse.  My first assignment involves a young child with a trach who is on a ventilator.  Hard, yes–but I think it will be very rewarding.  I am looking forward to starting my in-home orientation next week.  I already feel so much better!  My stress level is much less now.  I like my new co-workers and it helps that I will be working with someone I went to high school with–I haven’t seen her since high school but just having a familiar face will be nice!

The house is about 90% unpacked.  I honestly have just been lazy lately and have found much more fun things to do rather than unpack!  I am going to try my hardest to finish getting all evidence that we recently moved put away tomorrow so our house will finally look normal!  After the house is unpacked then we will move on to painting the baby’s room, then probably the dining room and if I get all that done in a timely manner then we’ll start on the girls’ rooms.

I am really enjoying the summer so far.  It has been really nice getting to spend time with my girls.  They are growing so fast!  Madalyn‘s vocabulary has just exploded and she is really thinking about things now before she says them.  I am amazed sometimes at her memory and the things that she says!  She is growing like a weed and her hair is getting so long.  She is still as wild as ever.  She is very anxious for the baby to get here and loves to read books about babies and mommies who have babies in their tummies!  Annagrace has spent a lot of time reading.  She is enrolled in the Summer Program at the library and is trying hard to get to her goal of 150 points.  She reads very quickly and there are days when I see a book in her hands all day long!  She too is getting so tall.  It seems like overnight she has sprouted into a little girl–where did my baby go?!  She has this crazy tooth right in the front of her mouth that just won’t fall out and although she is going to hate me for it I really think that the dentist is going to have to pull it.  She has lost the teeth all around it and it is crowding her front two permanent teeth that are trying to come in.  She looks so funny because it almost sticks straight out!  We call her our little hillbilly.

Baby Layla and I are doing well.  Some days she kicks and pushes on my insides like crazy.  Today she’s been kind of mellow and I haven’t felt her quite as much.  I am starting to notice that my used-to-be-baggy t-shirts are fitting snugly now so I am going to have to suck it up and get some more maternity things soon!  I still don’t think that I look pregnant–just plumper than usual!  Layla is down low in my abdomen (according to the doctor and ultrasound tech) which explains why I have to pee about every 5 minutes!

And finally . . . I am ready to start getting back on track with my budgeting/spending/saving etc.  I have decided that for the month of July we are not eating out and we are not spending any money other than groceries and necessities!  I have started back on my meal planning and have been paying attention to coupons and sales ads again.

Here is my meal plan for this week:

Friday:  Chicken Victoria, corn, broccoli, biscuits
Saturday:  Steak, homemade mac n’ cheese, green beans
Sunday:  Easy Beef Bake, Rice, green beans, fruit
Monday:  Tortellini alla panna, homemade bread, salad
Tuesday:  Pancakes, sausage, gravy
Wednesday:  Spaghetti, bread, green beans
Thursday:  Grilled chicken, corn
Friday:  Chicken strips, french fries, fruit

Yummy!  I can smell the Chicken Victoria in the oven right now and it smells delicious!

2 Responses to “Finally . . . an update on life!”

  1. 1 Lindsey June 26, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    What is Chicken Victoria???

  2. 2 lsaufley June 27, 2009 at 4:07 am

    I’ll post the recipe. It is delicious! My mother-in-law makes it a lot and Aaron loves it!

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