Happy Father’s Day!

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Today I’m wishing a Happy Father’s Day to 4 great dads that I know!

First of all . . . my dad!  I love my dad.  He’s impatient at times (guess who inherited that trait from him?!) and he likes things done his way.  But I think he can fix just about anything and although he doesn’t have a college education I think he’s about the smartest man I know!  He LOVES his family.  He takes care of my mama and he showers all his grandkids with the most love.  They love their Papa!  He’s a great dad and a great grandpa and I’m glad he’s our Papa!

Secondly, my wonderful hubby Aaron who has been a father for 7 years now.  He’s pretty much awesome.  We get in some heated arguments sometimes but we never stay mad for long!  He has slightly more patience than I do and he is a pretty smart fella–just don’t ask him to fix anything! : )  He is very excited about welcoming yet another baby girl to our family!  Most people expected that he wanted a boy but honestly I knew that deep down he wouldn’t mind another little girl.  We love our girls!  They keep us busy and make us crazy sometimes but we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Aaron’s a great dad who loves to teach our kids things about the world and about the Bible–and I usually learn a lot too!  He spends time at night reading Bible stories and praying with them and is so proud of them when they pray on their own.  I am thankful to have such a wonderful man as the head of our household.

Thirdly, my big brother Brooks.  It’s funny seeing my brother with kids.  I guess when you grow up with someone you always sort of see that little person in them.  When I think about my brother I still see the little boy who played for hours on end in the sandbox with his tractors.  Who cut my dolls hair and drew faces on them just to aggravate me.  The little boy whose primary concern was farming (from the time he was oh, about 3 years old!).  So to see him with kids is a little funny to me (he probably thinks the same of me!).  But he’s a great dad to Taylor, Brayden and Zachary.  He loves his kids and works hard to provide for his family.  I’m lucky to have such a great brother and my kids are lucky to have such a great uncle!

And lastly, my father-in-law Steve.  I am forever thankful to Mr. Steve for literally giving a part of himself (his kidney!) to my husband.  For 12 years now his kidney has worked in my hubby’s body and he has been blessed to have no rejection episodes and no complications at all.  I am grateful that Mr. Steve was willing to go through a major surgery (and all the pain that followed) to allow his son a better quality of life.  Were it not for that, Aaron would have had to endure a lifetime of dialysis or a long wait on a transplant list.  We may not have gotten married when we did, we may not have chosen to have children.  Who knows where our lives would be had it not been for the transplant.  Steve is a great person.  He has a lot of compassion for people and a lot of patience–he has driven a school bus for about 40 years so I think that is patience exemplified right there!  My kids love their PawPaw and Annagrace misses riding his bus to school!

All these men in my life are such good role models for my children–all of them in their own unique ways.  We are grateful to have these Dads in our lives!  Happy Father’s Day Papa, Aaron, Brooks and PawPaw!  We love you!

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