Beach Trip!

Thought I’d post a few more photos from our trip to the beach last week!  Funny thing is….I didn’t take a single picture on the beach!  I hate taking my SLR to the beach because it gets so dirty and I hate cleaning it!  I really need to get a little point and shoot to keep in my pocket.  Here are some aquarium photos and a photo from the pool at the hotel!

Madalyn at the touch tank.  She LOVED that thing!  She would’ve spent the whole day there if we had let her!


Here is what Annagrace thought about the touch tank!  She finally mustered up the courage to touch a skate and this was her reaction right after!  So glad I caught this!  This truly shows how different my two girls are!


Planning her attack!  This kind lady worked at the aquarium and patiently answered all our questions.  We found out that the stingrays and skates eat once a day and they live about 10 years.  The stingrays in the tank are not dangerous because they clip their tails off.  They allow the tail to grow back before releasing them back into the wild.


And here are my little sweeties!  First at the aquarium and then at the pool!



I love this photo of Annagrace!  She is starting to lose a bunch of teeth all at once and she’s started growing out and stopped growing up!  She’s getting a little chubby and all of a sudden her clothes aren’t fitting her so well!  She’s so cute!

We had such a great time.  I can’t wait to go back.  I think the girls and I may go again next week and just stay the entire day on the beach.  Pack our lunches, bring a good book for me, sand toys for Madalyn and a boogie board for Annagrace and we’ll be set!

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