Job Update

So the hospital “employee retention coordinator” called me today.  I think it is very odd that they actually have a full time person for this job.  Anyway–it was a good long conversation full of lots of crying (and then apologizing for crying!) on my part.  There really are no options for me right now other than transferring to another inpatient unit.  However, she was very insightful and gave me a lot of things to think (and pray) about.

I had a good conversation with some of Aaron’s co-workers last night and they were very helpful in steering me in the right direction.  They know all the home health and hospice organizations in the county and told me which ones they thought would be the best options for me.  I have started sending my resume out and I am hoping to hear from someone soon.  The hardest part is that I can not resign from my current job until I have another job in place.  That is going to be extremely tough.  But we will see what the next few weeks hold.  I am praying that God will lead me in the right direction.

Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.  It is much appreciated!

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