I love CVS!

I was finally able to get back to some CVSing today!  I didn’t get a lot and it will take me a couple trips to really get back into the swing of things but I did pretty good.  I started with no ECBs at all and thanks to a gift card from my friend Heather (THANKS HEATHER!) and a few coupons I was able to get all this:


for $3.42 and walked away with $11.98 in ECBs to use next time!! I really wanted to find a Neutrogena deal that was advertised on Southern Savers but the store I went to did not have the correct item so I missed out on that deal!  My first transaction ended up costing $3.27 out of pocket (after I used what was left on my gift card) and the second transaction cost 7 cents!

I was happy to get the Thermacares because I can really use them on my back after working 12 hour night shifts!  They are amazing.  I can wear one for about 6 hours and my lower back pain goes right away!

And guess what starts Wednesday?!  Triple coupons at Harris Teeter!  I am very low on coupons right now but hopefully I can find some good deals once the ones that I do have are tripled!

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