A Birthday Party, a Great Deal a Mama Birdy and Another Room DONE

Last evening we were able to travel to my brother’s home for his daughter’s 9th birthday party!  This was exciting for us because we have never been able to go to one of Taylor’s parties!  I can’t believe that she is 9 years old!  She was just 4 years old when we first met her and her mom Misty.  And now here she is NINE years old and a 4th grader!  She loves animals and her Nintendo DS and she got was really excited when she got 3 DS games for her birthday!  We love you Taylor!!!



On the way home after the party we stopped by Harris Teeter to take advantage of their soda sale!  Thanks Amanda for mentioning it on your blog!  Through 5/19 you can Buy 2 Get 3 Free on all 12 pack Pepsi products!  The cheapest I have ever bought 12 packs were 3 for $10 at CVS–so this was a steal!  I got all of the following for $25 and change.  That’s only $2.50 per 12 pack which comes out to about 21 cents per can!


I haven’t been able to drink much soda since I’ve been preggers because I just can’t stand the taste of it–but it’s nice to have drinks on hand when we have company over.  Aaron and the girls will drink it up too I’m sure!


Annagrace and her Papa made a cute little red birdhouse a couple months ago.  When we moved she found a place for it on our back deck and we’ve been waiting for some lucky little birdy to find it.  Yesterday we discovered that a mama bird was making a nest inside it.  We enjoyed watching her go and pick up peices of pine straw, leaves and other things and bring them back.  Here she is flying inside with a beakful of leaves.


She would sit inside and look all around before flying out again to look for more nesting supplies!


How cute to watch this mama bird making things just right for her babies on the way!  I hope she sticks around until she has her babies so the girls can see the eggs and then see them hatch—hmmm . . . .sounds like a homeschool lesson to me!


And finally–another room in our house completed!  This is our foyer which I love!  We have never had a “formal foyer” and it’s nice to have a place to greet guests and a coat closet to hang their coats in!  I wasn’t too hip on the color when we first moved in but it’s growing on me.  That and I don’t have the energy to paint over it!  We have other rooms in our house that need painting much worse than this one so it’s staying this color!

I found some pretty rugs at Target to match the walls for about $120 and I got the lamp for $20 at Wal-mart and everything else I already had.  My dad built the table for me (it was intended to go behind the couch but our living room is too little for that and it fits perfectly here!).


The door on the left is Annagrace’s room and the door on the right is the bathroom.  Down the hall from the bathroom is the kitchen.  This was taken standing in the doorway to the living room.


Here is a view from the kitchen door looking towards the front door.  Straight ahead and to the left are closets.  I love our foyer and especially love that it’s DONE!

1 Response to “A Birthday Party, a Great Deal a Mama Birdy and Another Room DONE”

  1. 1 Heather May 19, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    Sounds fun! I get 4/$10 all the time – one time at Rite aid 5/$10!! Keep looking – I have craploads of Pepsi right now.

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