My Girls

I haven’t had any time at all to post this week.  I’ve been swamped with hospital orientation!  Next week will start my actual days on my unit and I’ll be working 2 night shifts per week.  I am looking forward to getting our family into more of a routine!

On Mother’s Day we went to church at Christ’s Church.  We know several people there (and I met someone I knew from the blogosphere) and we enjoyed the service.  Afterwards we decided to go out and grab a bit to eat and ended up at McAlister’s–one of my favorite places!  It wasn’t crowded at all which was really nice!  Then we stopped by Cold Stone for some ice cream and then by Best Buy to buy a new printer/scanner.  Later that evening my mom and dad came over.  Mom is stayed the whole week with us to watch the girls (and fill in as Annagrace’s “substitute” teacher!).  It’s was so nice having her here!!!

Anyway–here is a photo of me and my girls from Sunday.  Annagrace was very upset with me because I picked her clothes out that morning.  She is 7 going on 17 I tell ya!!!  So that explains the look on her face in this photo!


I love my girls so much!  They are wild and crazy but can be so sweet and loving.  We have made a habit of crawling in bed together every night and reading stories.  Usually Annagrace will read a book to Madalyn and then I’ll read a book to both of them.  I love that time I get to spend with them.  It is so sweet seeing Annagrace read to her sister and Madalyn just loves it!  I love being a mom and I can’t wait for our newest addition to arrive this Fall!

1 Response to “My Girls”

  1. 1 Amanda H. Avery May 16, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Yea! It was awesome to finally meet “the pennies girl!” Feel free to visit again!

    We need to get our children together sometime in the near future!

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