We are MOVED

After a very stressful week that included finding out at the last minute that the bank was not going to give us the mortgage loan for the house (they compromised and gave us a “bridge loan” that we will transfer to a regular mortgage loan in 2 months after Aaron has worked for a month) we are finally in our new home!  Here are few details about the week:

  • Moving truck size:  26 feet.  Size Aaron THOUGHT we needed:  about 20 foot.  Size we actually needed:  About 30 feet!  We couldn’t fit everything and had to leave all of our outdoor patio stuff with my in-laws.  Hope to get it back soon!
  • Number of temper tantrums had by Madalyn during the first week here:  about 5.  Number had by me:  about 2 with only one crying spell!
  • Number of new friends made by Annagrace this week: 3 (including one girl that is homeschooled!).
  • Minutes drive to Sonic:  2.  This could be very very bad!
  • Minutes drive to Target:  2.  This could be even worse!
  • Most interesting activity of this week:  getting fingerprinted.  Aaron and I both had to be fingerprinted for our new jobs.  The girls got to go and were fascinated!
  • Inches of rain in the last 2 days:  feels like about 6!  Had tornado warnings last night and one touched down several miles south of here.
  • Hours spent scrubbing my kitchen floor:  2.  And I am only half way done.
  • Hours I spent napping today:  almost 2.  I was worn out!
  • Number of channels we now have with our cable:  246!  I’m amazed.  They even included the movie channels by mistake (guess I need to call and get those cancelled!).
  • Most aggravating thing about our new home?  The smell!  It is driving me crazy.  The previous owners had some sickeningly sweet smelling air freshener and I can not get the smell out of the house!  Going to try to get the carpets cleaned next week so maybe that will help!

And here is the first room that I have (almost) completed!  This is in the kitchen in the breakfast nook.  We are using it for homeschool/scrapbooking.  I plan to either buy or have my dad make me some shelves for down low to put all the stuff that is stacked on the floor and to put the books that are now residing in a plastic crate!

The wall color will remain yellow but it will be a different shade of yellow.  I am going to try to find some old benches to go on either side for seating.  Outside that big window we have a bird feeder and we love to sit there and watch the squirrels fight over the food on the ground!  We also have seen a bluebird and a 2 redbirds on the feeder!  We love that window! 


More to come later!  I’m hoping to get another room or 2 done by the end of the week!

2 Responses to “We are MOVED”

  1. 1 Alison May 6, 2009 at 7:24 pm

    ooooo, love that big window. That picture looks so homey and welcoming.
    Glad things are coming together 🙂

  2. 2 Cribb May 10, 2009 at 8:25 am

    Geesh, you are fast on the decorating!!! I like what you did with that window – I couldn’t STAND having a huge window like that with no way to cover it up!!

    Well, off to CVS for me and then church. One of the boys in the teen church already is or is about to be a dad (haven’t heard yet…) so I’m glad for the $4/20 to use on some diapers : ) Take care and sounds like things are going great as you settle in!

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