Homeschooling Update

I haven’t thought to mention lately about our homeschooling decision.  After a lot of thought, conversation, asking for advice and PRAYER we have decided to homeschool our kids.  I sent of my letter of intent to the state of NC and have received the required paper back from them that will allow me to withdrawal Annagrace from public school so that we can start homeschooling in May when we move!  We are really excited about it!  Aaron included.  He’s already making plans for different things he wants to do with/teach Annagrace!

So in May I have decided to keep things simple.  Here is my plan for finishing out Annagrace’s 2nd grade year at home.

1)  I will get Annagrace’s last 4 weeks worth of spelling words from her teacher and she will continue to do those as she has been in public school. 

2)  For math, we do a review of what she has learned this year–addition, subtraction and some beginning multiplication.  We will also study money concepts.  She has a good grasp on this but I want to start a chore chart for her and this would be a good time to include the money stuff in with it. 

3)  Field trip to the public library in our new town so she can get her own card and get acquainted with it.  (We plan to take trips there every 2 weeks!)

4)  Will do some brief North Carolina history and hit the highlights.  I want to take her to see “The Lost Colony” play at the Outer Banks this year so we may start with talking about Indians.  I think she will really be interested in that.  Where I am from in NC is an area that is very rich with history so there will always be something to see and somewhere to visit!

5)  Will do some short science projects that she has chosen from a book my mom bought her this week.  She is really excited about all the experiments in it so I figure we will do one or two of those a week.

And that should be enough to keep us busy for those last 3 weeks!  Then we start summer break and I am planning to enroll both the girls in gymnastics.  I want to get them involved in some activities right away so they can meet some new people.  Annagrace will eventually start piano lessons and will probably do this instead of gymnastics–but at least this will give her a fun activity for the summer!  Madalyn is our little dancer so we may switch her to ballet in the Fall!  She loves ballet!

Anyone have any other homeschool ideas for me?  Any recommendations, tips, or advice is much appreciated!

Here is a cartoon I found that I just love!  I’m going to have to print this once we move and hang it on our fridge!  It’s very cute!


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  1. 1 chris April 18, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    Congrats. It can be a hard choice to make. I didn’t have the option, but my son, now 16 is critical of public education and will say he would so much further ahead if he had been home school. That could be true. Good luck, Chris

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