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Why Worry?

If you have been following my blog you know the whole saga about us moving to NC.  It’s been quite a test of our faith, our patience and our trust in God.  He really has a sense of humor and He never, ever, ever ceases to amaze me. 

About a week ago I was driving around, praying/complaining to God about moving.  All the thoughts that I talked about in my last post were floating through my head.  All of a sudden in the back of my mind I heard, “What are you worried about?”.  It was weird.  I “heard” it just as plain as day.  “What are you worried about?”. 

I know God was somehow speaking to me and telling me that everything was okay.  That it was all in His hands.  That no matter what the outcome of the next few weeks, or months, even years, that it was ALL going to be okay because He is in control.

So right then and there I told God that I was going to give it all up to Him.  A little doubt came in my mind and I thought, “Can I really do that?  Am I going to be able to do that?”.  It was tough.  And I struggled with it–and still am struggling with it.  I don’t think of myself as a control freak but I am fiercely independent and do like for things to go according to my plan.  So it is hard for me to let someone–even the Almighty–be in control.  

But here is the crazy, insane, awesome thing.  God is taking care of it.  Here are the events of the last several days:

Friday:  Aaron had a job interview and we met with a mortgage broker in Greenville.
Saturday:  We looked at houses with our realtor.  Found one that we just adore–perfect size, great neighborhood, close to our price range. 
Sunday:  We traveled back to VA and when we walked into our house we saw a realtor’s card on the kitchen table.  Hmmm—-our realtor hadn’t called to tell us about a showing?  Well, we were still happy about it!
Monday:  Aaron gets a call back and is offered the Hospice Chaplain position that he interviewed for on Friday.  That afternoon, we get a call from our realtor and we have an offer on our house!

When God move, HE MOVES.  I told Aaron on Monday morning that he needed to accept the job.  I told him that too many things had happened in a crazy chain of events for this job offer to be a coincidence and that I felt certain that God wanted him to take it.  I told him that God would work out all the details if it was really meant to be.  How crazy that we get an offer just hours after having that conversation! 

God is good …..all the time.  He laughs at me and my worries and my insecurities.  He always knows what is best.  He loves me and cares for me even when I think that I am unloveable.  He wants good things to come to me because I am His child. 

Thank you God for your love.  You ROCK!

So this weekend, assuming that we get the house under contract (we have a little counteroffering to get through) we will travel back to NC and seriously look for a house.  Maybe it’s the one we loved last weekend.  Maybe God has something better in store for us.  We shall see.  If things go according to plan–we may be in NC as early as May 1! 

I do know that the coming weeks are going to be amazing.  I have even more amazing things to share soon!!!  Stay tuned…!

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