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So here is some good news about our trip to NC.  

1)  Aaron had a fantastic interview.  The boss loved him.  The staff loved him.  He is pretty confident that he is going to get a job offer.  It seems like a great team to work with.  

2)  We found an awesome Chinese restaurant that we both loved.  And you know how important it is to have the right Chinese restaurant to go to!  It’s called Dragonfly–if you live in Greenville it is over by Best Buy.   Anyway–the food was fantastic!  Not greasy (like normal Chinese food!), not overcooked.  It was good fresh food!  We both highly recommend it! 

3)  We met our realtor–love her!  She was great.  Really listened to us and got an idea of what we want/need.  We actually found the perfect house.  It was the very first one that we looked at and we both love it.  The size, the neighborhood, the layout, the price.  Everything about that home seems perfect.  

4)  We met with a mortgage broker.  Again–loved her!  She said we would have no problem obtaining a loan for the amount that we are hoping to get.  Phew!  That was a load off.  She talked to us about some options for different loans and was very encouraging about everything! 

So here is the still not-so-good news. 

1)  We still haven’t sold our house.  Had another showing last week.  Continue to get great feedback.  People love our house.  But still no offers.  I think it’s a combination of people holding out to see what happens with the stiumulus package and the fact that it’s a buyers market and they can hold out for awhile and see what happens before they just jump in and buy something.  The bad news is that we, of course, can not buy another home before we sell the old one.  If only money grew on trees, right?! 

We have discussed other options if Aaron gets offered this job and needs to start right away.  Some of those options are that he works only part of the week–he would stay with my parents while he is in NC and then comes back home to VA on the weekend.  Of course this would be difficult for me because I would have both girls everyday to tend to alone plus still working full time.  I’d also have to find a babysitter for Madalyn.   

Another option is that we all move down and stay with my parents.  Hmmm….not sure if my Dad could put up with us indefinitely!  That will be a last resort.  I love my parents but I don’t want to burden them with all of us!  

Another option is renting out our house and then finding a rental place in Greenville to live in until it sells.  Not something that we want to do either–in fact THIS may be our last option.  I’d hate to bring renters into our home not knowing what they would do to it (would they clean before a showing?  would they do the up keep on it?) and then what would happen if they signed a lease for 6 months and the house sold in 2?  Would we have to keep them in there and hold up the sale of the house for 4 months?  So many questions to ask if this becomes our only option. 

Sorry for thinking out loud!  I have so much on my mind right now it’s insane.  Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us.  Right now I am praying for my faith and trust to increase and for all my fears and doubts to go away!  If this job and this house are meant to be then God will work everything out in His perfect timing.

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