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Lots of random thoughts tonight. I haven’t been updating much lately–been really busy. I have had lots of things on my mind this week. Some things I’ll share now–some I’ll save for another time. Here are some random things going on right now.

1) The weather today was GOR-GEOUS! We all took advantage of it and spent the whole afternoon outside. I was in charge of the leaf mulcher/blower. I got the back yard looking much better. Aaron cleaned up the front sidewalk and pulled some weeds and lit up our little fire pit to burn some twigs and sticks! Madalyn had a blast outside! Since the whole fiasco with the swingset she hasn’t been able to play in her sandbox so I took a plastic tub and filled it with sand for her and she played and played for over an hour with that sand!

2) This morning we went to town to buy Aaron some new clothes for his job interview next week. We found him some pants at Kohl’s (and the girls both got new sandals). Then we were off to JC Penney’s to look for some shirts (Aaron needs a “tall” size shirt and Kohl’s had none). We hit the jackpot at Penney’s. We found him 4 shirts–3 button ups and 1 polo–for $23!!! They were marked down 75%. Then it was off to Kmart to get him a belt. He hates shopping for himself but he didn’t complain too much!

3) About that job interview–please pray for him! It is for a hospice chaplain position. Something that I think he would be awesome at. He’s a little nervous about the interview but I think he’ll do great. Even if he doesn’t get the job he’ll get some practice with interviewing! If this it THE job then we’ll have to decide what to do about moving. Depending on when he would start, we may have to look into other options with our house. Maybe renting it out, or having Aaron move down before me and the girls (which would suck!), or maybe all of us moving down before we sell the house (can you say stressful?!). So we don’t know what will happen but I am trying really hard to be content with God’s timing!

4) And speaking of selling the house–we had our Open House last weekend. I think the weather really hindered it (it was snowing that morning) and we only had 1 couple stop by. We decided to drop the price by $8000. Lots of thought and prayer went in to this decision and while I can’t go into all the reasons we decided to do this I’ll just say that this is what we felt we needed to do at this point in time. We were not priced high (in fact we were actually a little lower than what we are valued at) but we think that dropping the price may bring in some more showings and hopefully the ones who have already seen it may reconsider. We’ve gotten fabulous feed back–but no offers yet.

5) I am super excited that I have found some new friends in Greenville at Greenville Mommies Network.  There is an awesome forum where I have been able to meet new people, find other nurses that work at the hospital there, and ask questions about doctors and shopping and all kinds of things!  They host meet and greets and have mom’s nights out, playgroups and all kinds of fun events!  I am looking forward to meeting these ladies in person soon!  It’s nice to already have some potential friends lined up for the kids for when we move! 

6)  We are going to travel to Greenville next week and will be looking at some houses while we are there.  We are praying really hard that we get an offer on our house very soon.  We were hoping to have an offer by the time we leave so we’d at least have a rough idea of when we’d be moving (so Aaron knows what to tell the place he’s interviewing at and so we know how serious we need to be with our house hunting).  And I suppose there is still time–maybe we’ll get an offer next week.  Who knows?  I am anxious to travel to NC again!  Greenville is starting to feel like home already!

7)  I had my yearly review at work yesterday.  I don’t think I’ll ever have as wonderful a supervisor as I have now.  She is very unique.  She has a great sense of humor but when things are not done right she isn’t afraid to put someone in their place.  She is very matter-of-fact but very caring.  Annagrace has a special relationship with her.  She just loves her!  Whenever I go to the office and I ask if she wants to go, she says, “Well is Miss Janice going to be there?”  She used to love going to see her because she has toys in her office but now she likes to go so she can talk her ear off!  I think they’re going to miss each other once we move! 

And that’s the story morningglory.  Same old same old around here!  Learning everyday to depend on God.  Trying to put everything in His hands.  Trying not to get upset when things don’t happen according to my timeline!  Why is it so difficult to put my trust in the One who holds the entire world in His hands?  Certainly He knows what is best for us better than we do!

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