Baby Carriers

I know a LOT of pregnant people right now!  I think the stork is going to be making a lot of trips to Virginia (and North Carolina) this year!  I received an e-mail from La Stella Blu about their baby carriers.  I was never a baby carrier with my kids.  I had a carrier with Madalyn that I used maybe 5 times.  Then last summer I got a ‘toddler’ carrier for her.  She was going through a clingy phase and I found a sling carrier at a resale shop and decided to try it out with her.  She liked it–but my back didn’t!  I only used it a couple of times with her.  I wish I had ‘carried’ my two babies more.  

Anyway–La Stella Blu is run by Katie, a work at home mom.  She offers the most adorable baby carriers including Mei Tais, ERGO, and Moby as well as nursing covers and clothes, and some VERY cute baby leg warmers!   You must check out her website!  These would be wonderful, practical and unique gifts for the mom-to-be! 

So I’m putting up a link to her site–because I am in love with everything on it.  If you are a new mom or mom-to-be, or you know one (or about TEN as is my case) you need to check out La Stella Blu.  And if you have a blog and you put up a link you will be entered to win a sling or a pair of baby leg warmers!

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  1. 1 Alison March 4, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    I used a Snugli front-pack with Charlotte but wanted something a little more “natural” with Ivy. Tried a Moby Wrap & a New Native (I remember checking out la stella blu when I was researching them). Unfortunately, they didn’t stick. I ended up with the Ergobaby…which was pricey! To be honest…for front carries, I liked my cheap-y Snugli. However, Ivy’s a HOSS, so I use the ergo to carry her on my back when we’re out and about for a long time. She sleeps in it pretty well, too.

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