Oh The Cars We Drive

(Photos in this post were found online unless otherwise noted!)

This is totally just for posterity’s sake.  I figure one day my kids may want to know this information.   I was just sitting here thinking about all the cars I have owned/driven over the last 16 years since I got my license. 

I got a 1990 Geo Storm for my 16th birthday.  I LOVED that car.  It had a tiny backseat and the windshield was like right in your face if you were sitting in the back.  It was an awesome car.  No CD player–I had to get one of those kits with the cassette tape thingy.  They stopped making that car and my dad said I’d always regret trading it in!  It was a nice ‘starter’ car!

I can’t find a photo of the exact color (mom has some photos somewhere of me with the car when I first got it).  But this is what it looked like except it was a seafoam green color:

Then during my junior year of college I traded it in for a blue 1997 Pontiac Sunfire.  This was right before Aaron and I got married.  My mom and dad helped me pay for half the payments on that until I was out of college.  I have maybe one photo of that car somewhere–I think I took one of Aaron outside in the snow and the car was in the background. 

Anyway–it was a pretty good car.  In January 2002–right before I had Annagrace–I was on my way to work (night shift) and was coming down the mountain and the lights all of sudden went out.  Aaron had to meet me and take me to work.  The next day we took it in to his uncle to have it looked at were told it would cost a lot of money to fix it because the entire dashboard panel would have to be removed.   We were thinking of trading it in anyway and he said we’d be better off not to spend the money in fixing it but rather to go ahead and take it in for a trade.  This is what it looked like:


It was a cute car.  We still owed a good bit on it when we traded it in and we ended up being “upside down” on the payments.  We needed something bigger since we had a baby on the way and although I was dead set on a 4 door vehicle we ended up with this:

We both loved our black 1998 Ford Explorer Sport!  It was still 2 doors but was easy to get in and out of.  Much roomier than what we were used to and it had automatic everything and a CD player!  Aaron still drives this vehicle.  It has it’s share of problems.  The 4 wheel drive doesn’t work anymore, the driver side door will not lock and the window won’t go up and down, the CD player skips horribly bad, the air conditioner doesn’t work and just the other day Aaron realized that the back window won’t open.  But it’s ours–free and clear.  It’s totally paid for and works for him to drive the few miles a week that he does.

So once I started working in Home Health and started driving LOTS of miles everyday, we quickly realized that the Explorer wasn’t going to cut it.  I was filling up the gas tank every other day and with gas prices going up I knew I had to get something else. 

We went back to the same dealer that our Explorer came from and traded in Aaron’s white Lumina for a gray 2001 Ford Taurus.  It was a nice family car–plenty of room, huge trunk, CD player, electric everything.  It was a good car for several years.  We had it from 2004-2007.   Again, I never took a photo of it but here is what it looked like:


So enter in another child, plus me still working in home health, and many trips to NC to visit my parents.  The Taurus just wasn’t cutting it.  It was starting to get very cramped.  Vacations were a nightmare because we would have all our things, the 2 kids, us and our dog in that little car!  So in November of 2007 we decided to get a mini-van.  I NEVER EVER EVER pictured myself in a mini-van.  But practically speaking it was the best decision for us.  There was no way I was going to drive an SUV to work everyday (I drive anywhere from 40-120 miles a day for work) because the cost of gas would just kill me!  So a mini-van was the next best thing.

We test drove a few other vehicles but when we, okay when I drove our 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan we knew it was the “one”.  It has automatic everything, CD AND tape player (great for listening to all my old 80’s tapes!), automatic side doors (great for the kids!), and my favorite feature–seats that fold into the floor.  All our seats will fold down flat into the floor.  It’s awesome. For vacation last year we were able to take all our luggage, cooler, beach stuff and still had room to spare.  When we bought our bikes we were able to drive right to the store and pick them up already assembled–no borrowing a truck or paying for delivery!  Others may scoff at my “mommy van” but don’t knock it ’till you try it.  It will change your life.  Okay, so maybe not CHANGE it but it will make it much easier.

Here is our baby.  And she’s going to be ours for a long time.  We financed her for 7 years.  Yes, you read that correctly.  7 years!  Here is the good part–when we sell our house we are planning to pay off most, if not all of it.  But still, we plan to keep her for a very long time.  She’s been a great vehicle.  No problems at all.  Now that I have said that the transmission will probably fall out tomorrow morning when I pull out of the driveway. 


Like I always say . . . Mini-Van, Mega-Fun!!!

What was your first car?  What do you drive now?

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