My Valentines


  It’s hard to believe it’s already Valentine’s Day!  Wow–where is this year going?   My hubby racked up a bunch a brownie points yesterday posting all about me.  He totally made me smile.  Whenever I am having a bad day I am going to go back to his blog and read it!  I had planned a similar post about him and the girls.  So here it is. 


My best friend and my hubby of 10.5 years.  I love my dear hubby for so many reasons.  I posted all about him back in August for our 10th anniversary.  I could be lazy and copy and paste the same list (LOL!) but I am going to list some recent things that I am loving him for!

  • He has definitely chilled out in the last few years.  He used to get so uptight and stressed out over little stuff.  And he would worry and worry and worry about it.  Now he lets stuff just roll off his back.  Like the other day when the tree fell on our fence and swingset–rather than getting all upset and uptight about it he just calmly came upstairs and said, “Babe–I don’t think we’re gonna have to worry about moving the swingset.”  
  • I have realized recently just how great of a father he is.  He takes time to explain and teach things to Annagrace.  He plays computer games with her.  He bought her her own golf set and has been teaching her how to swing a club.  And Madalyn is totally in love with him!  She is definitely a daddy’s girl right now!   
  • He is realizing just how important I am!  Hee hee.  Not that he didn’t realize it before but when we first moved to start Discovery Christian Church I always felt like it was “Aaron’s baby”.  It was his thing, not our thing.  He was called to it, not me.  Now when we talk about planting another church he uses the terms ‘we’ and ‘our’ much more frequently.  I think he listens to me more now too.  He has said himself that he has realized that God will sometimes choose to speak through wives–it’s not always just through the men. 
  • He worked his butt off getting our house ready to sell.  Honestly, by December I had had enough of painting and packing and decorating.  He did a lot of painting and finishing projects on his own.
  • He listens to my ideas and supports me as I try to think through and work through things.  Lately our conversations have revolved around homeschooling and adoption.  Two things that are very dear to my heart but both things that I need his complete and total 100% support to even consider.  He is open to both which makes me love him so much!
  • We don’t agree on every single thing and I like that about him.  I like that we both have our own minds and we are not afraid to share our thoughts with each other.  We are on opposite sides of the gun control debate and we don’t agree on banning smoking in public places.  We can get in some heated discussions but I like that although we were joined as one we still function and think as two seperate people!
  • He’s a wonderful person.  He loves me and our girls so much.  He’s just awesome!


My firstborn.  My highly sensitive, intelligent, silly little girl!  She is natured very much like her mom.  Opinionated but sensitive, stubborn but sympathetic.  She loves her friends and hates to see them hurt or upset.  She really cares about people.  She does not like to see kids being bullied or picked on.  She is friends with the friendless and will play with anyone and everyone.  She is just a sweet sweet little girl.  Every teacher she has ever had has told us what a ‘joy’ she is to have as a student.  Her kindergarten teacher called her a ‘gem’ and her 1st and 2nd grade teachers both have expressed to us how much they enjoy having her in their class.  She asks some tough questions sometimes (“Mom, if God made everything then where did God come from?”) and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind.  She is just precious and I’m so glad she is mine!


My wild three year old.  The one who came into this world screaming her head off–and is still the loudest child I know!  The one who talks back, tests her limits, occasionally bites and who hits her sister.  The one who can throw a tantrum in a restaurant like nobody’s business.  The one who likes to stuff toilet paper down the sink and who flushed a plastic rooster down the toilet.  The one who could live off of tomatoes.  The one who is currently obsessed with people’s names (“What’s her name mama?” is heard all the time when we are out in public!) and with people’s moods (“Is you happy mama?”).  The one whose teacher says “is a good friend” and “she laughs all the time”.  The one who is very concerned with how people are feeling (“Is your headache better mama?”).  The one who loves movies and memorizes quote after quote after quote (the latest is from Cat in the Hat–“You’re one hot mama”!).  The one who was a surprise to us but who I can’t imagine living with out.  Mischeivous, YES.  Sweet, you betcha.  My darling little three year old who I wouldn’t trade for the world.

They’re my valentines.  I can’t wait to get them up in the morning and make pancakes and bacon and give them their bag of goodies.  At the bottom will be their swimsuits–a hint at our special surprise for them tomorrow.  We’re going to the waterpark!  I can’t wait!  I’ve been holding on to these free tickets since August and I’ve found the perfect time to use them!

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