Take 5 Tuesday

It’s that time again!  Take 5 Tuesday!  I haven’t done this in awhile–thanks Heather for the reminder!

5 things that have interested you lately:
–Rosa Parks–we watched a movie about her on Saturday
–reading blogs
–a new book I’m reading–Captivating by Stasi Eldredge

5 things you’ve researched lately
–Compassion International
–houses in Greenville, NC
–jobs in Greenville, NC
–house church blogs
5 things you’re looking forward to this year
–new house
–new job
–homeschooling (?)
–LOTS of trips to the beach once we move
–living close to my family and friends again
5 things you’ve watched recently
–Annagrace and her friend Allie driving the Barbie jeep around the backyard
–Aaron play the old Playstation (we have an original circa 1999!)
–a JMU women’s basketball game
–the weatherman 
–the stove while I was frying potatoes
(Trying to think outside the box here people!  I do watch things other than tv!)

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