Fun (FREE) Family Day!

Before winter break Annagrace brought home a peice of paper that was a challenge to the kids in her school to read 5 books over winter break.  The prize was a free pass for 3 to attend a James Madison University (JMU) Lady Dukes basketball game.  Annagrace quickly read her 5 books and last week she brought home her free pass to the game!

Aaron and I decided to take her (we left Madalyn with some friends of ours for the afternoon) and we had a great time!  In 9 years of living in this community I had never attended any JMU game or event of any kind!  So this is the first–and most likely the last since we are moving–one that I attended! 


We stopped at CVS on the way to the game so I could use some ECBs to buy drinks and snacks to take with us.  I spent $1 out of pocket (used $7 in ECBs) and got $1 back in ECBs and I was able to get 3 cokes, 2 candy bars, a small box of cheese nips and a bag of gummy fish. 

The JMU girls rocked!  They played a great game and were ahead by 20 points at one time and ended up winning the game.  It was fun explaining the basics of the game to Annagrace–she has never seen a basketball game!  She enjoyed watching the cheerleaders and the “Dukettes” (the dance squad). 

The best part was when we were leaving.  We took our time walking out because it was so crowded.  As we were walking towards the door Coach Brooks came up from the floor and they stopped the ‘traffic’ to let him walk across in front of us.  He smiled at Annagrace and then reached out and patted her on the head!  She felt very special because of that! 

We had a great day and only spent $1!  Thank you JMU for encouraging kids to read!

Here are a few photos.  Ignore the really wonky colors!  I had a terrible time with my white balance.  Not to mention that I only brought my little lens so the close up shots leave much to be desired.  This is why I need a new non-SLR digital camera!  Anyone have one to recommend?  I just need a small one that I can throw in my bag so I don’t have to lug my big one with me everywhere I go!




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