Tooth Fairies, Bleeding Lights and other Randomocity

Just a random post tonight.  A little lighter than my last one!

  • I took Madalyn to the Children’s Museum the other day.  There was a class field trip there and when it was time to go the teacher turned the lights on and off several times.  Madalyn said, “Mama look–the lights is bleeding” (blinking!)!!!
  • Annagrace lost another tooth!  She left a cute note for the tooth fairy and at the bottom she wrote, “Are you a girl or a boy–circle one”.  The tooth fairy left her a note that said that she is a girl but there are boy fairies too!
  • Today we had a showing on our house and tomorrow we have TWO showings!  It’s crazy I tell ya!  I have a good feeling about all of it.  I think we will sell pretty soon!
  • I got to skim through my hubby’s book last night.  It’s insanely good.  And I’m not just saying that because he’s my hubby.  I’d love it even if I didn’t sleep with him every night!  When he gets it done and “published” I will have to give a copy of it away on here!  It is thought provoking and funny too. 
  • We ate at L’Italia tonight.  Wasn’t planning to go all the way into town but Aaron needed meds so we went there because it was next to CVS.  It was really good and I think we’ll probably eat there some more before we move.  I don’t know what we are going to do tomorrow when we are kicked out of our house for the showings from 12-3!  We mentioned a movie but that is so expensive!  And wherever we go we have to take our dog, Buddy too.   I need groceries so I guess that’s an option and Buddy can stay in the car since it’s suppose to be warmer tomorrow!
  • I bought New Kids on the Block tickets today!  Yes, I did just see them in October.  But I just had to see them again!  They are closer this time–in Richmond.  My friend Steph is going again too and we’re taking Annagrace!  I am super excited because we are 2 rows away from the ‘second stage’.  They have the main stage and then they perform 3 songs on a smaller stage towards the back of the coliseum.  We got our seats 2 rows up from that smaller stage.  So needless to say, WE CAN’T WAIT!  Annagrace is really excited.  I love that the New Kids were my first concert back in 1989 and now they will be her first concert too! 

That’s about it.  The family is watching “Old Yeller”.  I am purposely avoiding watching it because it always makes me sob like a baby. 

Hope to have some good news by the end of the weekend about the house.  Thanks again for the prayers!

1 Response to “Tooth Fairies, Bleeding Lights and other Randomocity”

  1. 1 Drea February 7, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    hey laura, this is in response to the comment on my blog 🙂
    i had the biggest smile when i read the sharpie comment hah!
    I want another one 2.. but im still not sure when that day will come. ive often wanted to get one in regards to the blessing of children.. but im not sure what id get just yet.

    btw thanks for visiting! 🙂 ill have to check your blog more out later once the kids r asleep

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