Ready for Healing

I’m not a big fan of Christian music.  I just haven’t ever really been a fan with the exception of Third Day (we had front row seats to see them back in 2006–they are awesome live!).  I do like worship CDs.  Third Day, Caedmon’s Call and Waterdeep all have awesome worship CDs.  I enjoy listening to these in my car when I am driving around from patient to patient.  I use a lot of my time in the car to sing and pray.  (Yes Aaron, I listen to other things besides New Kids on the Block!).

Anyway, I was in the Christian bookstore yesterday.  No particular reason–just had some time to kill and decided to stop in and look for a new book.  I didn’t find a book but I did find a new CD.  I picked up the latest Michael W. Smith worship CD.  I loved his first two so I thought this would be a good one too.  I’ll be honest–it’s not my favorite of his.  A lot of the songs just aren’t my style.  There are several that are worth listening to though.  One of those is “Healing Rain/Let It Rain.” 

When I first opened the CD and read the lyrics I wondered why he shortened the songs.  The whole song is basically just 8 words sang over and over.   I listened to it briefly yesterday and then today listened to it again.  And again.  And again.  Although it is simple, it is a very moving song.  Here are a few thoughts that went through my head today as I reflected on this song.  

“Healing rain is falling down”

Have you ever been overcome by rain?  Like when you are driving down the interstate and you have to pull over because the rain is so incredibly heavy?  Or you’re leaving the grocery store and you get stuck inside for 20 minutes waiting for the rain to lighten up just so you can get to your car.   That’s what I think about when I think about God’s blessings and healing being poured out on us.  I think about it being so heavy and falling so fast that it overcomes us.  It’s so abundant that it overwhelms us at times.  

And who exactly needs healing?  The first people that come to my mind are my mom who has severe rheumatoid arthritis, our friends who are going through a rough time in their marriage, two of my friends who have had pregnancy problems.  I also thought about addicts–people with addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling and pornography.  Are these the only people who need healing?  How about people struggling with greed?  Coveting?  Gossiping?  Selfishness?  How about people who are “religious” but have no idea what a relationship with Jesus is all about?  People who attend church but have no idea how to “be” the church.  How about people like me–people who have struggled with putting things and stuff and myself first instead of giving selflessly to others and finding happiness in Jesus.  Let’s face it–we all need healing of some sort.

Jesus said, “Healthy people don’t need a physician, but sick ones do. I did not come to call righteous people, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17).   We are all sick.  If you don’t think you are sick then you seriously need to re-examine yourself.  We’re all in need of God’s healing rain.  Let it fall down and overcome us.  Let it overwhelm us. 

“I’m not afraid”

Why in the world would anyone be afraid of being healed?  If you were sick wouldn’t you be first in line to be healed?  If someone was announcing that they had healing powers–and there was absolute documented proof of this–wouldn’t you be first in line?  I know my mom would be.  I know Aaron would be–I’d love for him to have 2 really good working kidneys.  So why would we sing, “I’m not afraid”?

Recently during one of our church get togethers we were talking about the story of Jesus healing the lame man in John 5.  Jesus asks the man if he wants to be healed.  Well, duh–of course he does, right?  But think about that day and time.  People who were crippled and unable to work begged.  That was their livelihood.  We have no concept of that in America.  If you are crippled and you live in America it is likely that you qualify for some type of government assistance.  Not so in other countries around the world.

Have you ever seen the story of the Indonesian man named Dede?  TLC calls him the “Tree Man”.   He had an extremely rare disease that caused him to develop massive growths on his hands and feet that resembled tree trunks.

Dede at one time was a fisherman but had to give that up and relied on performing with a traveling freak show to support his family.  When an American doctor visited him and was able to diagnosis and offer treatments to him Dede at first turned the treatments down.  What?  Annagrace and I were watching the show about him and we were both thinking, “Dude–you have tree trunks for extremities!  What are you thinking?  Take the treatment!”  But Dede knew that if he got the treatment and it worked he would not be guaranteed a job.  How would he support his family if he was well?

Now imagine again Jesus asking the lame man, “Do you want to get well?”.  Puts things in a different perspective doesn’t it?  In Jesus’ time the sick, the lepers, the disabled they not only made their living off of their afflictions but that was their identity.  They were defined by their illness. 

There are a lot of ramifications for us if we truly want to get well.  For the sick it may mean living a completely different way of life.  For those with addictions it may mean lost relationships and lost friends.  For those who are lost or have fallen away from God, it may mean admiting that we need someone greater than us.  It may mean admitting that we can’t do this, we can’t live this life, on our own.  As I have been praying for God to break me of my selfishness and my tendencies to rely on tangible things for happiness I have realized that I have to give not only time but my money to others.  I can’t be selfish.  I can’t keep it for myself.  God has blessed me so that I can bless others.  Do I want to be healed?  Do I really want to have this burden for the poor?  Do I really want to stop the never ending cycle of consumerism and rely on Jesus and Jesus alone for my happiness?  My answers are “Yes.  Yes.  And yes.” 

I want healing not only for me but for the lost people of the new community that we are moving to.  I want to see Jesus heal them from physical, emotional, and spiritual sickness.  I pray that God chooses to bless these people somehow, someway through Aaron and me.  I am praying for these people–these people that I don’t even know yet who will soon become “my people”—-my neighbors, friends, and co-workers. 

 Thanks to those of you who are praying for us.  Please join us in praying for these “unknown” people as well.  Pray for the physically, emotionally and spiritually sick people of Greenville.  Pray that we can somehow show them the healing that is only available through our Great Physician. 

Thank you God for the promise that one day ALL of our afflictions will be healed and we will be perfectly well with you in Heaven forever.

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