It’s Official: Our House is FOR SALE!

Our realtor came today.  He snapped some photos, we signed some papers, he put a lock box on the front door and a sign in the yard.  So I guess it’s official–our house is on the market!  I just checked his website and it’s on there!  Say a prayer for us that a)  we get lots of showings and an offer in a reasonable amount of time; b) that we can keep the house CLEAN–this is rather difficult with 2 little ones;  and 3) that we stay sane and our marriage survives all of this! : ) 


It’s hard to believe that it has been 7 months since we made the decision to sale our house, leave our jobs, our church family and the area that I have grown to love over the last 9 years to move to North Carolina.  It’s very bittersweet.  I have been super excited about it and at the same time when I drove down the street tonight and saw the for sale sign in the yard I have to admit I got a little teary eyed. 

We have such good memories not only of this house but in this community.  A few that come to mind:

  •  Hiking to Dark Hollow Falls up on Skyline Drive
  • Snowtubing at Massanutten with my dad
  • Taking the ski lift to the top of the mountain to see the Fall foliage with my mom 
  • Many trips to the Valley View antique store and The Shoppes at Mauzy
  • Eating dinner on the roof at Calhoun’s and upstairs at Luigi’s
  • Going to Walmart and parking the car next to a horse and buggy
  • Visiting patients in huge homes at the upscale subdivision by the lake and then going to see patients with no indoor plumbing who live deep in the “holler”
  • Yearly trip to the Elkton Fall Festival followed by a drive to look at the leaves up on Skyline Drive
  • Kettle Corn–oh how I am going to miss kettle corn.  I just may have to convince one of my friends to mail me packages of it once in awhile.  It’s some good stuff!
  • Snow days–lots and lots of snow days.  Yes, even I will miss them.  (Really I don’t mind them as long as I’m not working in it!)
  • Going to the Farmer’s Market and feeding the goldfish

There are so many good memories that I could list.  But, we are ready to move on and make new memories in North Carolina.  I can see taking the girls on trips to Raleigh to see plays, lots (and I mean LOTS) of trips to the beach, taking Madalyn on the pirate boat down in Manteo, the Englehard Seafood festival (that I have always wanted to go to!), lots of time spent with my family and friends, having my brother and sister-in-law and their kids over for dinner, having my niece and my 11 year old cousin over for slumber parties, and the list goes on! 

So anyway, enough about that.   Here is our beloved home:


It looks even more beautiful to me now that we are selling it.  Sniff, sniff. 

 When we first decided to sell we knew that we needed to do some work to get it staged to show.  Some people asked us why we were going through all that trouble.  Well, first of all–it needed it!  Not everyone wants a green living room, a brown office and a blue bedroom.  Secondly, in today’s market we need to do whatever we can to make our house stand out above the rest.  We needed it to be in tip top shape and it needed to be move-in ready.  We had an extensive list of things to do so we tackled one room at a time.  It has been a long, hard, tiring and stressful 7 months!  But we made it through!  So without further ado… is a tour of our home:

When you enter the front door you come into the living room.  Here is a view from standing in the kitchen looking towards the front of the house.   living-room
After you pass through the living room you come into our kitchen.  We have an orange kitchen.  A little weird?  Maybe.  Aaron loves it.  I’m lukewarm on it.  I think it’s just too ‘in your face’ for me but everyone tells us how much they like the color.  We went back and forth on painting it but decided against it because orange is difficult to cover and we needed to get this place on the market!

Here is a view from the hallway:
And here is a view towards the dining area:

Go down the hallway and you’ll pass the bathroom.  I love this bathroom.  It looks so much better since we remodeled it!

I love the cabinet painted black.  That was one of the best ideas I ever had!

After you pass the bathroom at the end of the hallway is the office (and the place where Madalyn sleeps!).


Then to the left of this is the girls’ room.  Don’t mind the mess.  Today was a snow day so they were inside making messes all afternoon!

 After coming through the front door you go straight up the steps and open the door and you come into our master bedroom.  Turn to the right and you are in our room. 
We just finished painting in here last week.  Hung a new curtain rod and some new curtains and that was about it for up here!  Here is a another view–that window faces the road.  I am still not sure about that window propped up on the bookcase.  I may hang it up on the wall or move it altogether.  I really need to straighten those magazines too!
Here is the little area at the top of the stairs that I posted a photo of the other day:
Then you go through that door and you are in the master bathroom!

Here is our awesome tub.  I am going to miss this thing.  I know that I didn’t take advantage of using it nearly enough.  I am going to use it A LOT in the next couple of months!  
That is my walk in closet to the left there.  And then to the right is the exercise “room”.

And there you have it!  A tour of our home.  We’re gonna miss this place.  It holds both good and bad memories, but mostly good. 

It’s the home we lived in:

  • when I started my job in Home Health
  • when I had both my miscarriages
  • where we brought Madalyn home from the hospital
  • where Annagrace stood on the porch and posed for a photo for the first day of preschool, then kindergarten and then first grade
  • where Madalyn also stood the porch on her first day of preschool
  • where our church has met for the last 2 years
  • where our women’s group met for awhile–and shared many birthday (and baby!) celebrations!
  • where we worked for over 10 hours putting together our kids’ swingset!
  • where we stood in the kitchen back in June and made the decision to leave this place and move.

Wow.  I’m really getting emotional now.  Thank you Lord for good memories and good friends and our wonderful church family.  It has been an incredible 9 years here and we are anxious to see what path you are going to lead us down next. 

Y’all pray for us!  We want this house to sell QUICK!  : ) 




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