Family Fun Night: Indoor Camping!

Annagrace has been begging me to plan another family fun night.  It’s been way too long but we have just been way too busy getting the house ready to sell.  So now that we are SO SO SO close to being done around here I feel like we are going to be able to start relaxing at least for a little while and will hopefully have more time to spend with the kiddos. 

And even though I had an extremely long day at work on Friday I agreed to do something for family fun night and so off Annagrace and I we went to the grocery store to pick up some things for our night of indoor camping!

I wish I had more time to prepare but the girls didn’t mind that it was very simple!

Of course we had to have hot dogs for supper–you can’t camp out without eating hot dogs, right?  Then we made S’mores in the microwave.


The girls spread out on the living room floor so we could watch a ‘camping theme’ movie together.  Annagrace even had a new sleeping bag to use.  I found it at Target on the 75% off rack–I only paid $2.24 for it and I also got a new sleeping bag for me that cost $3.24!  (I needed it too–I get so cold in our living room at night!)

Annagrace had a great idea that we should turn the heat off so that it would really feel like we were camping (we didn’t).  And then she said, “Well maybe we can put our heavy clothes on and eat outside”.  Considering it was less than 30 degrees out, we didn’t do that either! 

We had trouble finding a movie at the last minute that fit the ‘camping’ theme.  We ended up getting “Are We There Yet?” (which by the way is a really funny movie–I even want to see the ‘sequel’!) and Parent Trap.  We picked out Parent Trap because 1) the girls in the movie go to camp and then later they actually go out camping and 2) it was a favorite of mine as a child and the girls had never seen the original version.  I was excited because the DVD also has Parent Trap 2 on it!  Sweet!

Anyway–Aaron was the first to fall asleep, then Annagrace and as is usually the case Madalyn and I (the night owls of the family) were still up at midnight!


Annagrace is already planning our next family fun night.  All I know is that it involves her magic book, some pennies, a turban and a snake.  Or something like that!

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