Family Fun Night: Rock Stars!

This was family fun night from several weeks ago.  I totally forgot to post about this.  It wasn’t really an “all out” family fun night.  It was a Friday night and I was dead beat tired after work.  I seriously just came home and plopped down on the couch for the entire evening.  Annagrace wanted to do something fun so I suggested getting out these really cool fake tattoos that I had found at the thrift store for about 35 cents a sheet.  

Aaron put some AC/DC on the radio and then he became the tattoo artist for the evening!  The girls had a blast getting tatted up!  Then they decided to change their clothes and the fun really began!

Here is Aaron teaching Madalyn a rock star pose:


Then she got out her beloved pirate hat.  She is obsessed with pirates.  I think it’s because we have pirate blood in us.  It’s true–I have an ancestor that was a pirate and was on the ship with Blackbeard when he was beheaded.  Pretty cool, huh? 


Then Annagrace got her rock star clothes on.  Well, at least she thinks she looks like a rock star!


That was about all we did that night.  Simple but fun.  That seems to be the theme to our family fun nights! 

Let me just add that those tattoos were a pain in the butt to get off.  I used rubbing alcohol, baby oil, soap, clorox (just kidding–but the thought crossed my mind).  They were the most stubborn tattoos I have ever seen!

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