Fruit Kabobs=Yummy Goodness (that even the kids will eat)!

I think that my kids will eat anything if you put it on a stick.  Corn dogs.  Corn on the cob.  Chicken livers.  OK, so maybe not the chicken livers–but who knows?  I haven’t tried that yet!

Tonight before supper they were both complaining about being hungry.  Supper was in the oven but we had about 20 minutes to go before it was ready.  So I decided to give them both a nutritional snack and a fun task all in one!  Fruit Kabobs!

I cut up a banana, an apple, and some strawberries and got out the grapes;  gave them their own wooden skewers and told them to go to town with it!  Of course, Annagrace had to have hers nice and symmetrical.  She was quick to inform me that there had to be 3 or more to have a pattern otherwise it was just a copy.  (And I am thinking about homeschooling this whiz kid?!)


I was just looking at Madalyn’s and realized that she actually made a little pattern herself! 


Of course we had to have some dip with our fruit.  So I whipped together the easiest dip EVER.  Are you ready for my culinary geniousness (is that a word?!) . . . I mixed about 1 cup of Cool Whip with 1/2 small container of non-fat vanilla yogurt.  It was really good!  And Miss Picky (also known as Annagrace) even ate it!  (I know, I know–I should totally be a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen, right?!).

They really had so much fun!  Annagrace said that they were “just delicious” and that we should have them all the time!

(Oh, and Grammy–don’t mention the haircut.  You are not supposed to know about that–it is suppose to be a surprise.  So act surprised when you see her in 2 weeks!).

1 Response to “Fruit Kabobs=Yummy Goodness (that even the kids will eat)!”

  1. 1 Mom February 2, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    Laura, you are such a wonderful, creative Mom!
    Love ya bunches, Mom

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